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Dear Hadassah Members and Friends;

A local rabbi once told me that it is good to buy a new outfit for the Jewish New Year. “It’s symbolic of change and renewal,” he said. “Putting on new clothes makes us feel differently about ourselves. It reminds us that we can cast out the old, sinful person and have a new life ahead of us, full of good deeds.” 


I use his advice as an excuse to shop when the new fall clothes come out—even though I know it will probably be too hot to wear them until Thanksgiving. I also think of his advice whenever someone proudly says to me, “I am a life member of Hadassah!” 


It is wonderful to meet life members who are proud to be a part of Hadassah and everything it stands for. In fact, most of the members in our chapterarelife members. However, withoutactivelife members, our chapter cannot renew its commitment to sustaining lives, to provide for new needs, and to engage in the research that leads to new treatments and cures. 


If you are a life member and we have not heard from you lately, please consider renewing your commitment to Hadassah by becoming active in the New Year.


Enclosed in this bulletin you will find an envelope and form for you to complete and return to the Directory Team, co-chaired by Fran Lake and Patty Ungar. You may wish to enclose—along with the form of course—a check in any amount to help Hadassah renew its mission to save lives, to heal, and to educate through Hadassah hospitals, education, and medical research and to a create strong Jewish identity in ourselves and children.


This annual “renewal” of your lifetime commitment to Hadassah may go even further than a new outfit in making you feel like a new woman. 


And, if you have not yet chosen a new fall outfit, there’s good news! You can attend our Member Event on Thursday, November 15, at Anthropologie (more info in this bulletin), to learn the latest fashion trends. It’s also an opportunity to reach out to potential new members and invite them to an enjoyable evening with Hadassah. 


I hope to see everyone at our Chanukah Party on December 12th, which will once again be held at the home of Nita Joan Sams. Last year’s party was terrific—we enjoyed gourmet latkes, Chanukah songs, a fantastic array of salads and desserts, and the kids were so involved with the arts and crafts children’s program that we didn’t hear a peep out of them. Save the date now!


As the summer doldrums give way to cooler temperatures, change is in the air. We can see the styles changing and feel our energy levels rising. Let’s use that energy to accomplish great things for ourselves, for each other, for Hadassah, and for the world in 5773. 



Julie E. Schwartz, Chapter President



Join the Readers’ Circle for Some Real Page Turners



The Hadassah Readers’ Circle continues our interesting line-up of books on the reading list this fall/winter. All Hadassah members and associates are warmly invited to join our discussions. Here are our upcoming meetings and book selections:


Thurs., Dec. 6, 7 p.m.
I Am Forbidden, by Anouk Markovits
This beautifully crafted, emotionally gripping novel is about amulti-generational family that is torn apart by fierce belief and private longing in an unprecedented journey deep inside the most insular sect of Hasidic Jews, the Satmar. Orphaned during the Holocaust, two ultra-Orthodox sisters bound by love and faith are driven apart. The book opens in 1939 Transylvania, follows the rise of Communism in central Europe, moves to the Marais section of Paris, and ends in Manhattan in 2005.

Thurs., Jan. 10, 7 p.m.
The Fish That Ate the Whale: The Life and Times of America’s Banana King, by Rich Cohen

This biography of New Orleans philanthropist Samuel Zemurray, son of a Jewish Russian farmer, reads like a novel. Cohen claims Zemurray was to New Orleans what Rockefeller was to New York. Zemurray started with nothing but a pile of rotten bananas, overthrew two governments in Central America, created the basic CIA template, bested and took over the United Fruit Co., went to war with Huey Long, and aided the creation of Israel.



At our Jan. 10 meeting, we’ll determine which books we’ll read during the spring, so bring your suggestions to that meeting. We have saved this selection for the 2013 reading list:

Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End, by Daniel Gordis

A 2009 National Jewish Book Award winner, this is a “is a full-throated call to arms. Never has the case for defending — no, celebrating — the existence of Israel been so clear, so passionate or so worthy of wholehearted support.” Gordis offers a new defense of the Jewish state, asking firstwhyIsrael is necessary and then discussingwhatIsrael has to do to survive its enemies.




The Chapter was well represented at the recent Southern Region Board meeting. Seated (l-r), Arlene Hines, Chapter Treasurer, and Julie Schwartz. Standing (l-r), Lee Kansas, Southern Region President; Roselle Ungar, Major Gifts and a National Board Member; and Teri Gross Southern Region Outreach Chair.  Patty Ungar, Region HMO Chair, is not in the photo.



November 2012                                                         Kislev 5773



Digging into style flyer up top

See PDF/cut off after RSVP line



Come join us at

Hadassah’s Annual Family-Friendly Chanukah Party

Wednesday, December 12, 6 – 9 p.m.


The dinner buffet will feature latkes prepared by Lee Sands, followed by sumptuous desserts including jelly donuts (of course!).  There will be craft activities and entertainment for children and spirited singing of Chanukah songs.

Candle lighting will be at 7 p.m. — each family attending should bring a menorah and candles to add to the festivities.

Suggested donation: $5 per person

Make sure to indicate how many in your family are attending!


Insert fashion graphics for top part and Chanukah graphics for bottom part if room










The Hadassah Centennial Award, which will be awarded only once, gives special recognition to Hadassah Member(s), Associate(s) and/or individual(s) in thecommunity who embody the ideals and values that have exemplified Hadassah for 100 years.


The Award recipient(s) should possess these qualities:


  • Has a commitment to Zionism
  • Possesses a visionary spirit
  • Teaches others to be leaders and advocates
  • Makes a difference in the community through actions and deeds


Please submit your nominations, along with a brief description of why those individuals deserve the award, in the enclosed envelope. Or you may email your nominations by December 31 to Julie Schwartz atdajumaje@cox.net.



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