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 September 2013


Dear Hadassah Members, Associatesand Friends;

I am in awe of the almost daily advances which are being made by the doctors and researchers at Hadassah Medical Center.  If you read Hadassah’s Daily Briefings, you know that the Medical Center is a fount of new inventions and treatments that will make medical care faster and more accessible to patients, and consequently will save lives or improve the quality of life for so many. 

For example, in today’s Briefing,there is an article about a device developed by teams from Hadassah MedicalCenter in partnership with Hebrew University researchers, which makes it easier to insert an intravenous tube. 

The intravenous tube, or “IV”, is often the mechanism that supplies life-sustaining nutrition or medication, yet in many cases, a patient’s veins may be difficult to find –as in small children or adults with veins damaged by disease. According to the doctors on the project,over 40% of IV insertions “miss,” or “fail” the first time, and there are instances where parents refuse to bring theirchildren to a doctor or hospital for important tests or procedures because of the trauma and pain associated with multiple attempts to insert an IV tube.  

The new device, called Sagiv, uses infrared sights and electrical sensing to identify veins to insert the needle into the correctlocation the first time, saving wear and tear on delicate veins and eliminatingthe fear and discomfort caused by multiple “misses.” 

During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur, we prayed that the NewYear 5774 will bring us and our friends and loved ones health and happiness. We can do more: we can work to help makethose prayers come true by supporting the work of Hadassah. 

One great (and fun) way to do that is to join us atBra-Veaux!, our fundraiser at the Crescent City Auction Gallery on October 12th. At Bra-Veaux! you can taste delicious food, sip on a “bra-tini” or “beau-tini”, enjoy being serenaded by the Siren Sisters, bid on terrific local artwork, cast your votes in best amateur bra contests, and win fabulous raffle prizes. The best part is that all of your donations will further the incredible medical research at Hadassah.

Let that next life-saving discovery be the result of your support!


Julie Schwartz







Where has the summer gone? I know what you’re thinking: “Has she felt the temperatures outside?” 

I have. But with Rosh Hashanah arriving September 5th,schools reopening, and our own Hadassah calendar of exciting fall events, itfeels as if the lazy days of summer are evaporating like a puddle in the middaysun.  

On Sunday afternoon, August 25th, we’ll have a blastcreating “art bras” with glue, beads, feathers, fabric, and more, inpreparation for our fundraiser, “Bra-Veaux!” Come help us decorate bras forauction or costume at the Metairie JCC. For just $10, materials and refreshments will be provided. 

Our annual fundraiser, Bra-Veaux! takes place at the CrescentCity Auction Gallery the night of October 12th, and promises to be a stellarevent. It will feature works by a hostof terrific New Orleans artists, including: Josh Pailet; Terrance Osborne, LynnZakem, Tracy Soldevila, Leona Stitch, Caren Nowak, Maggie Covert, GeorgeRodrigue, Madalyn Feldman, Karen Edmunds, Cathy Cooper, Chistine Ledoux,Charlie Atherton, Andrew Brott, Robin Daning, Kathleen Grumich, and more! While we nosh hors d’oeuvres, sip cocktails, enjoy live music, and bidon original works of art created especially for this event, we’ll be raisingfunds for Hadassah’s medical research, finding new cures and treatments for breastcancer and other devastating diseases. It’s a win-win! 

On November 4th, Peter Wolf, a descendent of famous JewishNew Orleanians, will present interesting facts about our city, as he discusses hisnew book,My New Orleans, Gone Away. Also,check out our Readers’ Circle for other interesting reads, followed by frankdiscussions, with spousesalwayswelcome.

Contact us to become a member, a Hadassah Heroine (or Hero), an advocate forIsrael, and a force for Jewish cohesion. Help us to find cures, and improvelives throughout the world, today in the year to come.

May you be inscribed for a happy and healthy New Year,

Julie E. Schwartz

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