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2013 Board

Appel, Haidi

Advisor - HVOS

National Board

Past DMR President

Bass, Diane
Chapter Co-President - Las Cruces
Bernstein, Carol 

Advisor - Las Cruces, Los Alamos,

Sante Fe; Parliamentarian

By-Laws & Standing Rules

Briskman, Sharon National Board
Brown, Fredi
President, Desert-Mountain Region
Burke, Ellen
Budget Committee Chair
Cohen, Leona
Programming/Education Portfolio Holder Co-Chair
Cohen, Shelley
Chapter Presidium - Denver
Dirks, Laurie
Chapter President - Wyoming
Druxman, Jana

Chapter Presidium - Hadassah Greater Albuquerque
Edelman, Rochelle
Advisor - Greater Salt Lake and
Hadassah Southern Nevada Chapter;
National Board;
Past President, Desert-Mountain Region
Elsken, Jennifer
Chapter Co-President -
Greater Salt Lake
Entin, Elaine Leadership Portfolio Holder
Forti, Corrine

Chapter Co-President, Hadassah Southern Arizona
Fox, Liz Advisor - Denver, L.E.A.;
National Board;
Past President, Desert-Mountain Region
Friedman, Sandy Chapter Co-President - Boulder
Gersh, Kay
Chapter Phone Contact - Montana
Goldman, Adriane Chapter Co-President - Shalom
Goldman, Susan Chapter President - Tikva/West Valley
Green, Laura
Advisor - Montana and Wyoming;
Gronich, Joyce
Communications Portfolio Holder;
Records Administrator
Kark, Shari
Chapter Co-President - Boulder
Klein, Reggie Mail Receiver - Santa Fe
Lampert, Randi
Chapter President - Hadassah Southern Nevada
Lavi, Audrey
Chapter President - El Paso
Lavin, Ruth  Chapter Co-President - Shalom
Levy, Della
Chapter Co-President -
Littleton, Engelwood, Aurora (L.EA.)
Levy, Sarah Facebook Co-Chair
Liston, Seema
National Board;
Past President, Desert-Mountain Region
Martin, Ann
Membership Committee
Mandel, Barbara
Chapter Co-President - Las Cruces
Metzel, Barbara
Chapter Co-President - L.E.A.
Mullin, Sue
 Chapter President - Colorado Springs
Negoff, Judy
Olswing, Cathy Organization Vice President;
Advisor - Northern Colorado and Tikva/West Valley
Orly, Penny
Chapter Mail Receiver -
Northern Colorado
Perches, Yvonne Social Media Chair;
Facebook Co-Chair
Raben, Barbara
Advisor - El Paso
Co-Meeting Coordinator
Riffle, Ilene
Website Administrator & E-News Chair
Ritter, Sue
Chapter President -
Hadassah Valley of the Sun
Rodriguez, Carmen M.
Chapter President - Los Alamos
Sands, Frieda
Chapter Presidium - Denver
Sapovits, Iris
Chapter Co-President -
Hadassah Southern Arizona
Schiff, Laura
Development Portfolio Holder;
Advisor - Boulder and Colorado Springs;
National Board;
Past President, Desert-Mountain Region
Schnall, Patricia  Chapter Mail Receiver - Montana
Secunda, Jan
Chapter Co-President -
Hadassah Greater Albuquerque
Seely, Debbie
Chapter Presidium - Hadassah Greater Albuquerque
Shapiro, Mara Chapter Presidium - Denver
Smith, Adele Membership Portfolio Holder
Spivack, Kacy
Immediate Past President;
National Board;
Nominating Committee Chair
Wagner, Sheilah
Area Vice President - Hadassah Southern Arizona, Hadassah Greater Albuquerque and Shalom;
Co-Meeting Coordinator
Wenner, Anita
Program/Education Portfolio Holder Co-Chair


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