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Kosher Spam - Links to Laughter

Remembering Joan Rivers
Relive the wit and wisdom of the late comedian’s blend of humor, hardship and chutzpah.

The Consummate Comedian

Enjoy a daily dose of classic humor on this website where Jerry Seinfeld alternates 3 short clips of his vintage stand-up comedy from talk shows and clubs.


Jewish Humor Quiz

Test your knowledge on Hebrew humor as well as Jewish holidays, lifestyles, culture and beliefs.


You Bet Your Life!

Enjoy some of Groucho Marx’s best quotes.


Top 20 Jewish Comedians

Check out Mental Floss’s picks for the best Jewish jokesters of all time.


My Bubbe’s Talmud

Words of wisdom from, who else?


Take My Jokes, Please!

For your pleasure, some of Henny Youngman’s best banters.



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