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Going Green with Hadassah

Here is a link to the "Sustainable Living - at home" information.

Here are 10 ways to go green:

Also, here are a few simple tips:

   1. Turn down the heat/up the AC.
   2. Carpool, bus, bike, walk.
   3. Install low-flow devices for toilet, shower, faucets, gardens.
   4. Avoid creating waste, re-use, reduce, recycle.
   5. Avoid disposables, use durable products, buy
       recycled products.
   6. Don't litter, cover pickup truck loads, pick up litter.
   7. Avoid toxic & poisonous products.
   8. Take household hazardous waste to collection days or sites.
   9. Compost yard and food waste.
  10. Get involved, join a local community group working
        on streams or sustainability.



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