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L'Shanah Tovah

When you look into your heart as the new year starts…may you discover a new sense of possibility…a new belief in the gifts you have to share…a new connection to the people around you…and a renewed commitment to Hadassah and your dreams. Wishing you everything wonderful and new.

With warmest regards and best wishes,
Pennie and Beverly, Co-Chairs,
National Center for Nurses’ Councils

an ePublication of the Membership & Community Development Division of Hadassah / Nurses' Council

Membership & Community Development Division
Nurses' Council

Pennie Sessler Branden and Beverly Goldsmith, Co-Chairs

50 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019

Policy and Power
Nurses as Advocates

On March 4, 2009 in Hartford, Connecticut, the National Center for Nurses’ Councils is sponsoring a forum to enable nurses to learn about the state legislative process, using CT as the example. This forum will educate and prepare nurses to return to their own states and be able to speak to their legislators about issues of statewide and national importance. Become a nurse advocate for your state and for Hadassah. YOU, as a Hadassah member and a nurse can make a difference.

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Convention 2008 in Los Angeles, CA:

The distinguished Kaplan-Landy Award honoring Sally Solomon Cohen, RN, Ph.D. was given out at the HMO Plenary. The Kaplan-Landy Award is given to a Jewish Zionist nurse who exemplifies the vision of Henrietta Szold and the commitment of Rose Kaplan and Rachel Landy, the first two nurses sent to Palestine by Hadassah. Sally spoke at the HMO plenary upon receiving her award.

The Center for Nurses’ Councils also had a networking session with more than 40 nurses attending. Please see the attached Dailies from Convention 2008.

Individual Hadassah Nurses Making a Difference in Their Area

On June 26, 2008, in Washington, D.C., Rachel E. Spector, Ph.D., MSN, BSN, received the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Honorary Human Rights Award for outstanding commitment to human rights that exemplifies the essence of nursing’s philosophy about humanity. Spector has steadfastly worked toward the promulgation of “cultural competency” because she believes that “cultural competency reflects the essence of nursing’s philosophy and human rights.” Mazel tov to Rachel for her ongoing commitment to nursing and Hadassah.

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Hadassah National Center for Nurses’ Councils, in concert with Johnson & Johnson, Address Nursing’s Future

Ellen Audet, RN  

The Amazing World of Nursing, a Hadassah and Johnson & Johnson’s Campaign for Nursing’s Future program, was held on December 9, 2007, at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC). Florida Nurses Association District 10, Hadassah Nurses’ Council, and over twenty members of the Florida Student Nurse Association, had the privilege of meeting a group of extremely bright, potential future nurses. The nursing students understood the dire need for recruitment of future nurses and so volunteered to participate in this event the day before their final exams.

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Nurses Fundraising Campaign for the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower

At Convention 2008, the National Centers for Nurses’ Councils kicked off a Fundraising Campaign for the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower. The Nurses’ Councils are raising money for a Nurses’ Workroom in the Tower to be dedicated in the names of Rachel Landy and Rose Kaplan. To date, more than $11, 000 of the $36,000 goal has been reached. Once this amount has been raised, fundraising will continue for more Nurses’ Workrooms. How appropriate for the nurses of Hadassah to raise money for the nurses at Hadassah’s hospital. If you would like to be a part of this exciting project please email us at:


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Nurses Council

Whether you want to work in support of Israel, are looking for interesting ways
to earn CEUs, or simply want to make new friends who share your background and
interests, Hadassah Nurses Council is for you. If you would like to join this
exciting project contact Laura Freed at:email laura.freed@verizon.net


Hadassah Nurses council was formed for the purpose of establishing an international partnership with the nursing division of the Hadassah Medical Organization. Its mission: to meet the special educational, social and professional concerns of Jewish/Zionist nurses in the United States and Israel, and to enhance and support the nursing profession in both countries.

Currently, there are approximately 3,400 nurses who are members of the 45 Nurses' Councils in the United States.

Whether you want to work in support of Israel, are looking for interesting ways to earn CEUs or simply want to make new friends who share your background and interests, a Hadassah Nurse's Council is for you.


Enjoy informative, educational and entertaining programming on a wide range of topics such as medical topics.
Network with nurses in every specialty from pediatrics to geriatrics, from forensic nursing to hospice care
Nurses' Council Educational Institutes
Nurses' Workshop at Hadassah National Conventions
CEU opportunities
"Nurses' Day on the Hill"...Mission to Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of nursing and healthcare issues
J & J Program & Check It Out

Hadassah Nurses' Councils have partnered with Johnson & Johnson in their "Campaign for Nursing's Future" to address the growing nursing shortage in the United States. Hadassah's Nurses' Councils are visiting local high schools on career days to talk face-to-face with prospective nursing students to encourage them to choose nursing as a career. The nurses show videos prepared by Johnson & Johnson and distribute the printed material prepared by Hadassah and Johnson & Johnson. They answer the many questions students have and talk about their own experiences describing the joys and benefits of a nursing career. They counsel students on a one to one basis on which area of nursing or which school or nursing program to apply to.

Hadassah’s Check It Out program partners with the American Cancer Society to visit high school seniors at school to teach them how to perform BSE (Breast Self Exam) and educate young women about the risks & the signs of breast cancer.

If you would like to join this exciting project and are a nurse, please contact Laura Freed, RN at (727)365-0942 or e-mail: laura.freed@verizon.net.

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