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Message from the President

Thank you one and all. For what you might ask. Thank you for supporting
Hadassah with your unfaltering dedication with your heart, your hands and
your money, and doing this for decades because you believe in the mission
of Hadassah.
Thanks to all of you who have held board positions. Without you our
organization would not be able to function. And thanks to all of you who
set an example by supporting our programming with your attendance, for
without your participation in our monthly meetings, we would not continue
attract new members.
Thank you for attending our special lunches, Donor, Youth Aliyah, Awards,
Ima, and our Fashion Show. Thank you for supporting Hadassah by your
support of Crown of Esther, Keepers of the Gate, Founders and Centennial
The goal of $80, 000 has been set for the year of 2013 for the 852 members
of The Orlando Chapter of Hadassah. This is a total of $94.00. Many of you
give far more than this. Thank you.
Please, help us reach our goal for 2013. 

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