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Builder Take a Stand

Builder of the Future / Take a Stand!   http://hadassah.org/takeastand
TAKE A STAND! is Hadassah's first advocacy and fundraising initiative exclusively for donors age 45 and under.

Funds raised go directly to Hadassah's embryonic stem cell research lab in Israel. Advocacy promotes increased fundraising and awareness in the US at the state and federal levels.

Hadassah’s Embryonic Stem Cell Research

  • Hadassah is at the forefront of embryonic stem cell research through the pioneering work of the Hadassah Medical Organization
    and Hadassah’s Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy.
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  • Hadassah’s laboratories have already seen breakthroughs in Parkinson’s disease and early progress in multiple sclerosis and juvenile diabetes.
  • Hadassah owns six embryonic stem cell lines and was second in the world to derive embryonic stem cell lines for research.
  • Israel has a carefully regulated but accessible atmosphere for stem cell research that has kept it in the forefront of this field. Hadassah scientists have been awarded funding for stem cell research through America’s National Institutes of Health under grants available abroad.

The Push to Expand Stem Cell Research in the U.S.

Amy, a Young Keeper of the Gate is looking to Hadassah
      for a cure for her sister's MS


  • Years after the President’s announcement on August 9, 2001, restricting federal funding for stem cell research to those lines created prior to that date, only 15 stem cell lines are available for federal funding, and none of these are suitable for human research. On two occasions Congress passed bills that would have lifted the federal restrictions on stem cell funding, but both times the President vetoed the legislation. In the absence of federal funding, many states have stepped up to pass laws endorsing stem cell research and to provide state funding.
  • Scientists report that attracting new researchers to this promising field is becoming increasingly difficult because of federal funding restrictions. As a result, many are moving overseas to countries with more supportive policies.

Broad Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

  • This is not a partisan issue—it is about saving lives. Elected officials from both political parties support embryonic stem cell research.
  • The National Academy of Sciences and 40 American Nobel Laureates endorse stem cell research.
  • All major streams of Judaism support stem cell research.
  • Embryos that are being used for embryonic stem cell research are those that have been discarded by in vitro fertility clinics, and would otherwise be destroyed.


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