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The Hadassah Foundation accepts grant applications twice a year.  Every June/early summer, we issue an RFP for Israeli organizations seeking to promote the economic empowerment of women in that country, and in December/January, we issue an RFP for organizations based in the United States that are working to support the leadership potential and healthy development of Jewish girls and young women ages 12-30 in the United States.

The Foundation is currently accepting applications from Israeli organizations that promote the economic empowerment of women in that country.  Please carefully review our guidelines before submitting an application. The deadline is 11:59 PM (NY EDT) Thursday, July 27, 2017



GRANT PERIOD:  January 1 through December 31, 2018


The Hadassah Foundation is an investor in social change for women and girls in the United States and in Israel. It strives to improve the status, health, and well-being of women and girls; bring their contributions, issues and needs from the margins to the center of Jewish concern; and encourage and facilitate their active participation in decision-making and leadership in all spheres of life.



The Foundation will provide a limited number of grants up to $25,000. Multi-year grants are not available. The Foundation does not normally fund an organization for more than three consecutive years. Organizations may apply independently or in collaboration. 


Social change, gender-sensitive projects that help low-income women in Israel achieve economic independence.

The Foundation is particularly interested in programs that provide cutting-edge approaches to solve problems that have not been addressed previously.

Areas of interest include:

  • Savings, Asset Development, and Pension Planning
  • Grassroots Programs that provide resources and training  
  • Legal and Policy Advocacy Initiatives
  • Workplace Discrimination 
  • Business Development Services that help women who own businesses improve their outreach and marketing
  • Leadership development initiatives that increase the number of, and capacity of, women in positions of leadership.

The Foundation rarely funds entrepreneurship or financial planning programs that take place only in one location, and rarely invests directly in a cooperative or other business.  We do not fund scholarship programs and programs targeting adolescents.


Received by email NO LATER than 11:59 PM (NY EDT) Thursday, July 27, 2017.

The Hadassah Foundation will not accept late or incomplete proposals. 

NO exceptions will be made. 

Complete the grant application according to the instructions and email to: 

foundationgrant@hadassah.org   Only one application per organization will be accepted. Applicants will be notified by late December 2017.


Applicants — or their fiscal sponsors — must have amutah or mossad tziburi status. 

The Hadassah Foundation will NOT fund:

  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments
  • Partisan political activities
  • Direct service (e.g., treatment programs)
  • Individuals
  • Scholarships


Social change philanthropy focuses on the root causes of problems, working to improve the conditions that lead to inequality.  This approach is unlike traditional charity, which often seeks to ameliorate only the symptoms of societal problems—for example, by providing medicine and treatment for the sick, funds for the poor, or shelters for the homeless and battered.

The Hadassah Foundation seeks to promote change by addressing the underlying obstacles that impede the full participation of women and girls in society and by helping women and girls gain the tools they need to help themselves. As part of this mission, the Foundation encourages the active participation of women and girls in the governance of organizations that it supports.


Gender-sensitive programs build on the needs, strengths, perspectives, and experiences of women and girls.  They recognize that the needs of females may differ from those of males, and pay deliberate attention to gender as an important component of diversity when creating, implementing, and evaluating programs.  Gender-sensitive programs demonstrate an understanding of—and ability to meet—girls’ and women’s needs.  Gender-sensitive programs can occur in both gender-specific (girls/women only) and coeducational environments.

Guidelines for organizations seeking a new grant click here.

Guidelines for organizations seeking a renewal grant click here.

Cover Sheet (required of all applicants) click here.

Project Budget Form (required of all applicants) click here.

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