Our Past Grantees

Past Israel Grantees:

A Step Forward

Economic Empowerment for Bedouin Women: Training and support for women in Rahat to start small home businesses producing traditional sewing and embroidery with modern techniques.


Resource Incubator for Economic Initiatives by Women: Working Together to Create a Feminist Economy: Enables Ethiopian women to establish and maintain their own business by selling traditional crafts and providing embroidery incorporated into merchandise sold by the fashion company Comme Il Faut.

The Year of the Working Woman: An initiative to educate low-income working women about employment rights.

Al Zahraa Organization for Women

Courses for Empowerment: Courses for Israeli Arab women in the Galilee to gain greater economic independence.

Association of Rape Crisis Centers

Victim Witness Assistance Program: Advocacy on behalf of victims of sexual abuse.

Bar Ilan University

Supported the research for Women in High-Tech: Has the Motherhood Barrier Collapsed?, published by The Israel Women's Network.

Center for Jewish Arab Economic Development (CJAED)

Integrating Arab Women as Board Directors of Israeli Companies trains Arab women with leadership potential to serve on the boards of publicly-traded and companies.

Women in Development, business skills training and initiatives encourage Jewish and Arab Israeli women to work together

Jasmine: Association of Businesswomen in Israel, a national umbrella organization that represents Israeli businesswomen of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Citizens' Accord Forum Between Jews and Arabs in Israel—CAF

Ofek Nashi: Empowerment, Economic Independence, and Social Change for Israeli-Arab Women Through Their Small Businesses: Group courses and individual mentoring in management, finance, and marketing for Israeli women who own small businesses.

CLAF—the Community of Lesbian Feminists

Organizational development and expansion of public programs.

Community Advocacy

Working Women Production Cooperatives: Formation of cooperative ventures between women in similar fields.

Community of Learning Women

Economic Empowerment for Low-Income Women: A curriculum offering skills in computer literacy and English to help low-income women obtain jobs in the modern office.

Counseling Center for Women

Working It Through: Coaching to help female soldiers manage the challenges of working in male-dominated fields.

Falk Institute for Mental Health and Behavioral Studies

For the research project, Never Too Thin: A Community Study of Eating Problems among Women in Israel.

The Haifa Battered Women's Hotline

The Youth Violence Prevention and Gender Equality Project: Advocacy to reduce violence against women and bring the issue of gender equality into the schools.

Isha L'Isha and Mahut Center

Changing Women's Lives through Empowerment and Employment: A project that includes basic financial literacy and empowerment courses as well as personalized job training and placement

Israel Association for the Advancement of Women's Health

Development and implementation of La-Briut (to her health), a Hebrew Web site that provides information on how to negotiate the health-care system in Israel.

IT Works

Women's Empowerment Program (WEP): a tech training program for low-income women to receive certification from Cisco Systems, and find employment in the high-tech sector.

Israel Religious Action Center

Putting Women in the Government-Funded Kitchen: A research project on the government's employment of women in religious service positions and to prepare the groundwork for women to enter this workforce.


Women Demand Mobility: Support to establish bus service in Arab towns and villages in northern Israel, enabling women to travel independently, be employed outside their homes, and develop greater economic independence.

Kol Ha-Isha

Women's Community Kitchen: A health- and kashrut-certified kitchen and entrepreneurial training for women to prepare institutional meals.

Women Directors for Social Change: A training program in feminist and social change theory to help women directors of government and non-profit organizations transform management patterns.

Community School for Women: A pilot program of the Economic Empowerment Curriculum (adopted by the Community of Learning Women).

Koret Israel Economic Development Funds

The Microenterprise Initiative: Microenterprise programs for women in the south of Israel to aid in business development via a non-bank lending and post-loan assistance program..

Mahut Center

Women Open Doors to Employment offers training and job placement for low-income women in Haifa, many of whom are single mothers and/or survivors of domestic violence.

Mavoi Satum (Dead End)

Recruitment of professional staff and volunteers to advocate on behalf of Jewish women whose husbands refuse to grant them a divorce.

Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development—NISPED

Economic Empowerment for Negev Arab Bedouin Women identifies, recruits, and trains 170 Bedouin women to work in the Rahat-Lehavim-Bnei Shimon Industrial Park.

Bedouin Early Childhood Educators and Peer Teachers, a training and certification project for Bedouin women to operate and teach in an expanding network of childcare centers.

Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR)

Empowering Single Mothers to Advocate for Change helped marginalized Jewish and Arab women in the Hadera and Wadi Ara area to advocate for legislation that would expand the potential pool of families eligible for annual school stipends given to single parents of school-age children.

Supportive Community (Sviva Tomehet)

Sustaining Grant (*This organization closed in March 2013.)

The Foundation provided General Operating Support to Supportive Community's administration and programs, including A Retirement Plan of Her Own, which encouraged female micro-entrepreneurs, immigrants from the former Soviet Union, to become more educated about their pension options and create a pension plan or upgrade an existing one.

Tel Aviv University Law School

The Micro-Business and Economic Justice Clinic: Legal guidance for women establishing microbusinesses and instruction for students in public sector law.

Theatre Company Jerusalem

Encouraging Women's Leadership and Self-Esteem: Training for teachers to lead workshops that utilize theater arts techniques and Hebrew texts to enhance self-esteem in girls.

Women Against Violence

The Women and Employment Program improves job prospects for Israeli-Arab women with college/university degrees.

Women of the Wall

Support and advocacy for the May 2000 ruling that allowed a minyan (quorum) of women to pray with the Torah and tallitot (prayer shawls) at the Western Wall under government protection.

Women's Spirit

Standing their Ground provides mentoring, access to jobs, and coaching to women who were victims of domestic violence

Past United States Grantees:

AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps 
AVODAH's Women Leading Together (AWLT) program is a career and leadership development program for early career AVODAH alumnae that enables participants to develop a career and leadership strategy, engage in career and leadership coaching, and participate in immersive long-term small group peer coaching.

District of Columbia JCC
The Washington Jewish Women's Project: Education for women at every income level about earning, inheriting, investing and donating money.

Evaluation Practice Group
Living Jewish Among Neighbors Who've Never Heard of Latkes: Planning for a program to reach Jewish girls and women living in rural areas

F.E.G.S.—Federation Employment and Guidance Service
Full of Ourselves: Implementation and training in Jewish settings of the wellness program that advances empowerment, health, and leadership for girls.

Gan Nashim: Growing Strong Jewish Girls is a sustainable food and healthy living project that was piloted in Jewish summer camps.

Hebrew Free Loan Society
Charedi Women's Core Business Training Model: a gender-sensitive training program to help ultra-Orthodox women in Brooklyn launch home-based businesses.

JCC in Manhattan
Jewish Girlz: An original musical by Elizabeth Swados that addresses the problems and joys of being a young Jewish female in the United States.

Jewish Community Relations Council of New York 
The Girls LEAD program is a leadership development program for female teens from the Five Towns community that develops the teens' personal leadership skills, and strengthen their leadership abilities through consensus building, philanthropy and volunteerism.

Jewish Family & Life
MzVibe: A website devoted to Jewish adolescent girls designed using a gender lens.

Jewish Family Service of San Diego
The JFS of San Diego’s Girls Give Backprogram educates Jewish girls from the area about gender inequality, develops concrete leadership skills, and empowers young women to actively engage in the San Diego community through ongoing volunteer work and service learning projects.

Jewish Free Loan Association
Micro-Enterprise Women in Business Loan Fund: Provides interest-free loans to Jewish women in the Los Angeles area who plan to open or expand their businesses.

Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
The JOFA Campus Fellowship: prepares young women to be leaders and assume leadership roles in the Orthodox community, both on campus and beyond college.

Jewish Theological Seminary
Learning to Address the Evaded Curriculum: Professional development resources and trainings to help Jewish educators better understand and respond to the needs of adolescent girls.

Jewish Women International (JWI)
Life$avings: Financial Literacy for Young Women provides core education in financial planning for young women.

Strong Girls, Healthy Relationships curriculum enables teens to make healthy choices about relationships and provides training and resources to adults.

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale
The Women's Passover Companion: Women's Reflections on the Festival of Freedom and The Women's Seder Sourcebook: Rituals & Readings for Use at Passover Seders.

The Jewish LGBT Anti-Bullying Initiative provides LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) inclusion and anti-bullying training for youth workers in the Jewish community, and helps youth-serving organizations in the Jewish community write and implement anti-harassment/bullying policies.

Lilith Magazine
Research and publication of Jewish Women's Eggs: A Hot Commodity in the IVF Marketplace, a response to the proliferation of ads soliciting eggs from Jewish college students.

Mayyim Hayyim: Living Waters Community Mikveh and Education Center
Beneath the Surface: An experiential learning pre-bat mitzvah program for mothers and daughters that incorporates the mikveh ritual.

McLean Hospital
Bishvili: A Jewish Guide to Full of Ourselves: Development of and implementation and training for an updated and expanded curriculum that utilizes Jewish texts and values as a companion to Full of Ourselves, the wellness program that advances empowerment, health, and leadership for girls.

Moving Traditions
Rosh Hodesh: It's A Girl Thing!: Supported (originally under the auspices of Kolot) the conception, development, and implementation of this an experiential and trans-denominational program for pre-teen and teenage girls that strengthens self-esteem and Jewish identity, as well an updates for the curriculum.

Shalom Bayit
Love Shouldn't Hurt: Campus and Beyond: Supported the conception, development, publication, and piloting of age-appropriate versions of this youth-led dating violence prevention program for middle, high school, and college-aged students, and a partnership with Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life to bring this program to campuses across the country.

The Shalom Hartman Institute of North America
Created Equal: A Research and Educational Project on Men, Women and the Ethics of Leadership: Supported a series of programs and workshops based on this curriculum, which explores how gender influences the broader narrative of Jewish life, including contemporary questions of leadership and gender equity.

Ohio State University Hillel Foundation
VIOLET—Violence in Our Lives Eliminated Together: A campus program that advocated for eliminating violence in relationships.

Reclaiming Judaism
W Lin: A multi-media Web site with Torah commentaries by women scholars, writers, musicians and artists.

UCLA Hillel
The Esther Fellowship: Provides leadership development training female students, poising them for leadership on campus, and helps them serve as leaders and role models for other women.

Women's Sports Foundation
Implementation in Jewish Community Centers of GoGirlGo! a curriculum to encourage girls to participate in athletics as a means to educate them about health and body image and develop self-esteem and Women's Coaches Academy, a recruitment and training project for female coaches.

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