Members of the Month

Hadassah recognizes the amazingly interesting, diverse and accomplished members of Hadassah. Each member brings a unique and powerful voice and perspective to our organizational tapestry.

We share a profound love for the Jewish people, and Israel. We share a commitment to women and believe in women’s strength—and our own. We are excited to showcase and honor these members—Women Who DO.

Erin Coleman


Judi Babcock
Bedford, MA

Shawsheen Valley Chapter, Hadassah Northern New England
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Members of the Month

"Members with the pink ribbon denotes our honorees for October breast cancer month.
Members with the red star denotes honorees for May 2017 Member Appreciation month."


Judi Babcock

Bedford, MA
"I am proudest of the cutting-edge medical research done at Hadassah, including research on treating ALS, cystic fibrosis, heart stents, stem cell therapy and more"
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Anita Levy

Atlanta, GA
"Hadassah is real and we are the women who DO!"
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Barbara Glicksberg

Seattle, WA
"I am a two-time breast cancer survivor."
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Sandra Goldman

Charlotte, NC
"Rather than just an organization, Hadassah is like family."
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Betty Samuels Seidel

Baltimore, MD
"My mother took me to a very special meeting at the home of Bertha Szold Levin to hear her sister, the founder of Hadassah, Henrietta Szold."
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Shelly Cohen

Denver, CO
"Hadassah has taught me to be a stronger advocate for Israel, Zionism and Jewish values."
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Paula M. Schiff

Walnut Creek, CA
"Along with my wonderful Hadassah members, I have presented three Israel advocacy programs."
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Lori Reszutek

Fairfield, CT
"I love being part of a group where I feel a true kinship to the other members."
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Ruth Fein

Merrick, NY
"I chose Hadassah because its main focus is Israel."
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Carol Konecky

Oceanside, NY
"I enjoy being surrounded by bright, creative and talented women who share my passion."
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Leslie Gonzalez

Newton, MA
“I love that Hadassah is this amazing organization for Israel, about Israel, in Israel.”
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Hannah Cohen

Escondido, CA
“I grew up witnessing my mother’s deep commitment to Hadassah.”
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Helene Schilian

Wellington, FL
“Hadassah supports everything I feel strongly about.”
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Randi Cohen

Arlington, VA
“I owe much to Hadassah, including meeting my husband.”
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Gayle Dorio

Naples, FL
“A licensed interior designer who is honored to be a part of Hadassah.”
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Elise Feldscher

Calabasas, CA
“For over 30 years, Hadassah has been the constant in my life.”
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Randi Lampert

Las Vegas, NV
“Board certified pediatrician passionate about Hadassah.”
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Erin Coleman

Nashville, TN
“A prior service military engineer officer inspired by Hadassah.”
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Barbara Bronstein

Houston, TX
“Hadassah strikes me as an oasis of peace in an otherwise turbulent Middle East.”
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Debra Sharker

Atlanta, GA
"She is a “thriving survivor” who is passionate about giving back in the cancer war."
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Holly Seltzer

Washington D.C.
"Holly has spent most of her career doing communications and PR for nonprofit groups."
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Martha Jo Katz

Atlanta, GA
"For 18 years she worked a model."
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Dylan Dorenfeld

Agoura Hills, CA
"She has dedicated the next two years of her life helping to ensure Israel’s safety and security."
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Sarrah Bechor

Queens, NY
"Sarrah works with a technology start-up company, building global strategic partnerships."
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Katie Perez

Littleton, CO
"Katie hopes one day to help her daughter become a Young Woman of Hadassah."
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Stephanie Weitzman

Newton, MA
"Her grandmother made her a life member at birth."
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Barbara Ross-Innamorati

Westport, CT
"She is the founder and designer of an award-winning artisan jewelry company."
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Melissa Liverman

Detroit, MI
"Melissa founded the “Leorah” chapter."
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Debra Flaherty

Bronx, NY
"She founded an outpatient substance abuse treatment center."
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Lori Good

San Diego, CA
“From the beginning, I have been impressed that Hadassah is almost completely volunteer driven.”
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Barbara Aqua

Tacoma, WA
"I have died, almost died three times, and I know what a gift life is."
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Maxine, Rochelle and Alana Schube

Atlanta, GA
"Our goal in coming forward with our story is to show that breast cancer doesn’t care how old you are."
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Keeley Kossof

Vernon Hills, IL
"After losing her vision, Keeley developed a line of hair fragrances."
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Stacey Dorenfeld

Los Angeles, CA
"She gives much of her energy to repairing the world."
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Robin Fischel

Stamford, CT
"She finds it incredibly important to give back to the community she was raised in."
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Amy Degen

Groton, MA
"I love that Hadassah helps me feel connected to the State of Israel."
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