Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a retired licensed practical nurse and a retired business owner. I am a cancer and heart attack survivor and the mother of two wonderful daughters, a 28-year-old pharmacy tech and a 22-year-old physical therapy assistant. I have been married to the best husband ever for 35 years. He retired from the Air Force/Army after 22 years and is now a registered nurse at the Veteran’s Administration. I fill my days with laughter and love of my family and my two baby dogs. I also am a career volunteer. I have worked with my community PTA for 11 years, serving as treasurer, numerous committee chairs and all around hard worker. I was a Girl Scout leader for 12 years and was Chief Cookie Sales (22,000 in one year!). I have also served on Sisterhood as Treasurer, Purim Events, and organized a drive to build a new outdoor sukkah, and restored the High Holy Day Torah covers after 50 years of loving wear.

How did you get involved with Hadassah?
My mother, mother-in-law, and both grandmothers were involved in Hadassah so I knew that it was inevitable that I become engaged with this organization. My local chapter was doing a community event for foster children and I knew this was something I need to get involved with. I immediately joined as a life member and donated a handmade quilt for a foster child. I volunteered to chair the next event, and it is shaping up to be amazing.

What is it about Hadassah that resonates with you?
My mother-in-law went on a Hadassah Mission. She came back with so much feeling for the hospital, the patients, the doctors and the entire organization. She shared that with us, and she was so inspiring. I knew that this was something that I need to be involved with.

Share something you would like people to know about you
I greet each day with happiness and joy. I have almost died three times, and I know what a gift life is. Do good-- the world needs you to. Be happy-- the world needs to be a happier place. Live life like there is no tomorrow because each day is so precious.

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