Gayle Dorio

Gayle Dorio
Naples, FL

Career and Family
I have always been involved in tikkun olam. Our family relocated 15 times as my husband's corporate career evolved. This necessitated "re-inventing" myself each time in both my career and community involvement. At each opportunity, I became involved in organizations that gave back.  I worked for the Chagrin Valley Therapeutic Riding Association. I was involved in ORT. I served on many different boards of directors - for four Jewish temples, for the Lexington, KY Arts & Cultural Council and the American Women's Group in Paris, to name a few.  When I came to Naples, I found Hadassah.  This organization is the synthesis of everything!  It is the perfect combination of sisterhood, advocacy - working to better the community and the world, ensuring the state of Israel and promoting Jewish values.  It is all rolled into one!  

How did you get involved with Hadassah?
I began as chairperson of the Crown of Esther program, which is now the Chai Society program.  After several years, I became chairperson of the Nominating Committee.  I helped on various committees and attended board meetings to better understand the operational workings.  In 2016, I became co-president of our chapter with my good friend, Karen Cohn.  

What is it about Hadassah that resonates with you?
I believe in humor!  I love to make people laugh and I always try to provide a positive approach even while I am kvetching!  We need Hadassah!  We need to do more!  We need to come together and help one another! I want to thank all Hadassah members who work hard -- we are providing funds for ground-breaking medical research, for humanitarian work, and to repair the world.  I am honored to be a small part of it!

Share something you would like people to know about you.
I am a licensed interior designer and have been a member of the American Society of Interior Designers for more than 30 years.  In addition to keeping active with design clients, I am an avid orchid grower and mah-jongg player.   I enjoy teaching both orchids and mah-jongg at Florida Gulf Coast University's Renaissance Academy.  I also work part-time for a cardiologist, helping in the office.  Throughout my career, I have managed different companies -- design-related and others, such as a large art gallery headquarters and even a forklift company.  I love working with people and making a difference.

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