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We live in every Congressional district in the nation. We are mothers and daughters, nurses and doctors, housewives and teachers, activists. An invisible connection binds us to each other, into a community. We share a profound love for the Jewish people, and Israel. We share a commitment to women and believe in women’s strength—and our own. We strive to act on our Jewish values, and make the world just a little better, every day. Above all, we know that each of us can make a difference and that, together, we can transform the world, and change history. We know it because we’ve been doing it for a century, and we won’t stop now. Come along with us, into our second century.

Liz Sterling

Liz Sterling

Boca Raton, FL

My husband and I hail from Long Island, New York and relocated to south Florida in 1991. We raised our family in Boca Raton and have enjoyed being an integral part of the community. Kimberly is 27 and lives in San Francisco. Andrew, 26, currently lives in Boulder. Lucky us, we have two wonderful places to go and visit our children who also return once or twice a year to dip into the warm waters of home. As I write this, I realize, with technology the way it is, there's hardly a feeling of distance. As with many families today, we are linked on Facebook, Skype, Messaging, Instagram and of course, the good old reliable family plan on T Mobile that keeps us all connected!

What keeps you busy?

I have a large social network and am involved with a number of organizations where I assist with public relations efforts including Temple Adath Or, our south Florida Jewish Renewal Community. I facilitate a weekly class at the JCC entitled The Wisdom Circle, where women come together to learn from each other by sharing the wisdom they have garnered through their life experiences. As a motivational speaker, I am often meeting with organizational leaders to create programs of interest for various engagements. I am an avid believer in extraordinary self-care and find time to nourish myself and spirit on a daily basis.

What are your interests/hobbies?

I am a seeker of knowledge and see life as a great big puzzle. My curiosity leads me to many events, programs and discussion groups. I have the great fortune of being an interviewer and parlayed that into broadcasting to quench my thirst. I love to travel, cook, swim, power walk and am working on telling myself that I love exercising. Each day since I’ve gotten my Fitbit I push myself to walk 10,000 steps. I practice gratitude and enjoy the very fine art of conversation. I am continuously learning to be a better listener.

Why did you become a member?

A few months ago I was invited to become the Master of Ceremony for the Hadassah Advocacy Talks in West Palm Beach on November 15, 2015. In order to gain a greater understanding of my role, I began exploring the principles and accomplishments of Hadassah. I knew immediately this affiliation was for me! Yes, I have fond memories of helping my grandmother sort clothes for rummage sales in Brooklyn when I was a child but I have learned, Hadassah is much more than that. I am proud to be part of an organization that is working with trials for stem cell treatment of MS, a disease that affected my mother for the better part of 30 years. Hadassah nurtures community leaders, doers and activists and helps foster the feeling that every person counts. I am ready to stand up, stand out and make a difference in the world with Hadassah. Together, we can advocate, save lives and do our best to create a safe world.

One thing you should know about me

The one aspect of life that is most important for my soul is the feeling of being connected to nature, to people and to something greater than myself. Becoming a member of Hadassah fulfills me deeply. The gift of this membership is a mitzvah for which I feel both grateful and truly blessed. Thank you.

Arlene Rubinstein

Arlene Rubinstein

Tikvah Group, Hadassah Greater Detroit
Birmingham, MI

For 27 years I was the administrator of the Real Property Law Section, State Bar of Michigan. In 2012, I studied for and received my Certified Meeting Planner Certificate. I have lived in Birmingham, Michigan for 40 years. Prior to that, I lived in Pittsburgh, PA.

What keeps you busy?

I work part time as a meeting coordinator.  At least once a week, I babysit for my grandchildren.  Since I am semi-retired, I have taken advantage of the many community events within our area; the Jewish Film Festival, Jewish Book Fair, the Cinetopia Film Festival and many lecture series.

What are your interests/hobbies?

I have had the opportunity to travel a lot over the past couple of years.  I have been to Thailand, Israel, and recently took a River Boat Cruise seeing Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. Reading, movies and exercising at the Jewish Community Center are all an integral part of my life.

Why did you become a member of Hadassah?

A couple years ago, I was looking for an additional outlet in my life.  A friend of mine introduced me to Hadassah and I became instantly involved in the Tikvah Group.  I have enjoyed the camaraderie and have planned a couple of events for our group.  I play in a canasta group that meets on Monday afternoons at the Hadassah office.  In the Fall, I help out during the Detroit Chapter’s Rummage Sale. I am an avid walker and participate in the National Every Step Counts Program.

One thing we should know about you.

I am a very optimistic person and enjoying part-time retirement.

Nicole Levy-Gray

Nicole Levy-Gray

Hadassah Southern California-LongBeach/Orange County
Long Beach, CA

I am originally from Philadephia and have lived in Long Beach, California for just over 10 years with my amazing husband and 2 wonderful boys Eli age 8 and Joshua age 4.

What keeps you busy?

What keeps me busy? Ha, where do I begin? Taking care of my family and 2 dogs, working part time at the Hebrew Academy in Huntington Beach and volunteering at my son's school. More recently I have been working with the Hadassah leadership to revitalize a young leaders group in our area.

What are your interests/hobbies?

I love to dance, shop, relax on the beach, socialize and travel to new places

Why did you become a member?

I believe strongly in Tikkun Olam (WorldREPAIR). I am always doing mitzvahs and teaching my boys to do the same. I believe we can all do something small and if we all join together it will turn into something much bigger

One thing we should know about you.

I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis but no matter what challenges I may face each day - I stay extremely positive and feel so blessed for all I have. I truly believe every day we wake up is a gift and therefore a good day!

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