Randi Lampert

Randi Lampert
Las Vegas, NV

Career and Family
I was born in St. Louis and raised in Houston, but for the last 20 years Las Vegas has been home. I am a board-certified pediatrician, and I work part-time for the Foundation of Positively Kids in a school-based health clinic. We serve children with no insurance or with public insurance and ensure that they have access to quality healthcare at no cost. It is a very rewarding position.
I have been married for 21 years to Robert Lampert. We have two wonderful children, Aaron and Daniel, ages 18 and 16. They are my number one priority in life.
How did you get involved with Hadassah?
I initially got involved with Hadassah through the Training Wheels program with my boys. However, I became fully engaged and passionate about Hadassah while participating in the Hadassah Leadership Academy in 2006-2008. Most of my best friends were formed through that program. Visiting Israel on a Hadassah mission was a life-changing experience.
What is it about Hadassah that resonates with you?
The passion and commitment of Hadassah women resonate with me more than anything else. My life has been enriched by interacting with other bright, active women. The leadership training through HLA and in my region has led to great personal growth. I consider the leaders from Desert-Mountain region both role models and mentors, and I am lucky to have so many willing to support me. I also am very proud of Hadassah’s medical research and our increasing involvement with advocacy. I think advocacy is the path of the future.
Share something you would like people to know about you.
I am very proud to continue the legacy of mentorship in Hadassah. I influenced my mother to go on a Hadassah mission during the Lebanon conflict in 2008. Since then, she has been actively involved with our chapter. I also have seen my sons become caring members of the community. There are many women in my chapter and region that I feel I have served as a role model and mentor for their rising leadership roles in Hadassah. I am happy to share my passion!

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