Debra Sharker

Debra Sharker
Atlanta, GA

Debra Sharker from Atlanta, GA, is a member of the Greater Atlanta Chapter in Hadassah Southeastern.

Debra describes herself as a "thriving survivor" who is passionate about giving back in the cancer war. It was the "Check It Out" program that first connected her to Hadassah. Within four months of becoming a member she assumed the role of Education/Public Policy Vice President and Coordinator.

Debra works full-time in the consumer electronics industry. Her true passion lies in volunteering, and she wishes there were more hours in the day so that she can volunteer more.

Debra is extremely proud of her five nieces, two of whom have made Aliyah and live in Jerusalem. They have had three children at Hadassah Hospital and she attributes the birth of her two grandnephews to Hadassah, as her family has only had girls for three generations.

Debra creates and designs her own jewelry, and is fond of stitching. Three of her canvases hang in two homes in Jerusalem.

She has a tattoo of a purple butterfly with a pink ribbon on her right arm. The butterfly is a symbol of new life and metamorphosis, and has given her strength throughout her personal battle with cancer.

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