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Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., was founded over a century ago, before Israel was a state, and before women could vote. Since that time, the organization has remained unwavering in its commitment to women’s health and well-being, to Israel, and to Jewish values and continuity. But while Hadassah’s heritage and mission remain as strong as ever, the role of women and Jewish culture here and in Israel, has evolved over time. The organization, too, has evolved, taking on new challenges and developing new programs.

Hadassah believes in building a world where our Jewish values in action create strong community and an enduring Israel. That’s why our entire focus is on connecting and empowering Jewish women to effect change. We’ve done this for over 100 years and we will do it for the next 100—advancing health and well-being, advocating for women, and building community in the US and Israel. We invite all Jewish women to join in—to put their values into action with us and through our programs.


Our vision: Building a world where our Jewish values in action create strong community and an enduring Israel.


Our promise: Connecting and empowering Jewish women to effect change.


Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer organization that inspires a passion for and commitment to its partnership with the land and people of Israel. It enhances the health of people worldwide through its support of medical care and research at the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem. Hadassah empowers its members and supporters, as well as youth in Israel and America through opportunities for personal growth, education, advocacy and Jewish continuity.


The history of Hadassah begins with the extraordinary Henrietta Szold in the year 1912.  A trip to desolate pre-State Israel profoundly affected her. She devoted the rest of her long life to the health and well-being of her people and what was to become their Jewish homeland.  The results of her “practical Zionism” can be seen today in Hadassah’s two world-class medical centers, including the soaring Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital, in Jerusalem.


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Monday, Oct 6 2014

A Mysterious Case Sends a Family Searching for Cures, Finding Hadassah

Nine-year-old Tasnin had spent most of her life going from doctor to doctor, as one cold and...


Monday, Oct 27 2014

At Hadassah, Four Recover, Two Tragically Perish After Light Rail Attack

On Wednesday, October 22, a car driven by a Palestinian terrorist sped into a light rail station...


Thursday, Nov 6 2014

Clinical Trial of Hadassah-Developed Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degeneration Gets Go-Ahead from FDA

“This is a significant milestone for our company and in the broader development of therapies...


Monday, Aug 25 2014

During Operation Protective Edge, Hadassah's Hospitals Care for Terror Victims and Perpetrators

Within a 24-hour period, the Iron Dome shot down rockets in the area close to Hadassah's hospital...


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