Day in the District

Make your voices heard!  Make sure your legislators know where you stand on priority Hadassah issues, including a strong US-Israel relationship and women's health equity! Meet face to face with federal policymakers—in your own community—to advocate for issues that matter to us, as Zionists and American women. To make it easy, use our talking point one-pager!

Day in the District meetings are an opportunity for Hadassah members, Associates and supporters to visit at least one legislator in every US Congressional district.  Together, we can amplify our impact, strengthen Hadassah's influence in Washington and bring about positive legislative change. Reach out to advocacy@hadassah.org with any and all questions. This is an opportunity to strengthen your friendships within your local chapter and attract prospective members.  We're here to help you at each and every step in the process.

“Hadassah is like a well-oiled machine. You know how to get things done. You take an issue, research it, and form a plan to take care of it, mobilize your thousands of members across the country and get it done.”
—Representative Rosa DeLauro, ranking member on the Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations Subcommittee, during her meeting with Hadassah advocates.

In the Press

Hadassah Days in the District are happening in congressional district offices from Southern California to Fargo, North Dakota to New York City.  

National Impact

Your local advocacy strengthens Hadassah's influence in Washington, DC. Two grateful Representatives—Ami Bera and Jim Cooper—thanked Hadassah advocates for helping to secure cosponsors for their important women's health legislation.


A Personal Story

Read a personal account of the Day in the District meeting with Congresswoman DeLauro by Hadassah's Advocacy Communications Network Team Leader.

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Hadassah Advocates Get Results

Speak out! Our advocates work closely with key legislators to ensure that Hadassah's outreach is coordinated and effective, and that our priorities are at the top of the congressional agenda.

Representative llena Ros-Lehtinen (FL)

“Most folks believe that heart disease is primarily a man’s disease but as you know heart disease is the number one killer of women. A woman is 10x more likely to die from heart disease then breast cancer and advocates like you, and organizations like Hadassah and Women Heart, you are crucial in getting the word out to women about their own health and women specific disease risks. Your needed now more than ever.”

Representative Raul Ruiz, MD (CA)

"Unfortunately, women continue to face institutional barriers to care, harming their quality of life. We must work together, as a nation, to address these health care disparities and I thank Hadassah for their work to improve women’s health equity by hosting this Summit.” 

Representative Jim Cooper (TN)

"Hadassah has been a real leader raising awareness that men and women are not treated equally in health research. Science needs to serve both men and women, and Hadassah's support for the Research for All Act will hep us reach our goals."

Representative Ami Bera, MD (CA)

"I greatly appreciate Hadassah's partnership in the effort to improve women's health. The efforts of Hadassah members to support [my bill, the] Women's Preventive Health Awareness Campaign, by making it a policy issue in the 'Day in the District' campaign has made a difference in this regard."

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Day in the District: A Personal Story

By Pennie Sessler Branden, Team Leader of the Advocacy Communications Network

Our Day in the District was so energizing! On August 18, Paula Samuel, Jessie Palumbo, my daughter Ariel Branden and I sat down with Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro for over an hour of productive, honest, and engaging conversation in her Connecticut office.

From gender equity in medical research, to the Iran Nuclear Agreement and to our kids and grandkids, we were able to not only explain and discuss our legislative priorities but also get to know her better on a personal level. The conversation went beyond the surface as Congresswoman DeLauro was well versed in all of our issues, and we were prepared with our Hadassah fact sheets and talking points. These helped us to be very clear and direct on our positions. We even got some new ideas about our potential for more effectiveness on one of our issues, which we immediately shared with our National Advocacy Team.

One of our greatest takeaways was hearing from the Congresswoman that the best time to visit her was during her district work period and not in her DC office. She said that we were always welcome to visit her in Washington, DC, but that meeting at her district office is when she can truly give us more uninterrupted time and attention to discuss our priorities in depth. Her quote above speaks to the unique power Hadassah can yield with this Day in the District program—mobilizing our membership in a way that so many other groups can’t.

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