Celebration 2018: 100 Years of Hadassah Nurses

Hadassah Nurses & Public Health: Past, Present, Future
It’s 2018, and we’re all about health and chai (Hebrew for 18 and life)! What a perfect year to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing, whose innovative staff and outstanding graduates make the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) a vital force in advancing nursing, not just in Israel but around the world.

There are so many ways you can celebrate Hadassah nurses as part of Celebration 2018, marking four major milestones – the 100th anniversary of the Nursing School, the Hadassah Medical Organization, and HMO’s Department Ophthalmology, as well as the 70th birthday of the State of Israel.

Highlights: 100 Years of Hadassah Nurses

Nurses have played an outsize role in Hadassah history. And the history of Israel. Their pioneering work and unfaltering dedication laid the groundwork for Israel’s public health system. The School of Nursing and its 2,500-plus graduates have kept the Hadassah name at the forefront of their field for a century.

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From Dream to Innovation: Israel Milestone Mission
October 7-15, 2018

What better time to visit Israel than for a national celebration of its 70th anniversary – alongside hundreds of Hadassah members, their friends, and family. This is your chance to celebrate Hadassah's pioneering vision and HMO's accomplishments — and the impact of 100 years of the Hadassah Nursing School. For Hadassah's Israel Milestone Mission, we’re offering two options — a general track and a Nursing Track, featuring a special day with stops, meetings and events.

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Hadassah Nurses Council

The Hadassah Nurses Council includes 3,400 nurses in Hadassah Nurses Councils throughout the United States. Working to enhance and support the profession, the Nurses Council brings nurses together for professional and personal networking – in conjunction with HMO nurses -- and provides opportunities to advocate on women’s health equity and other issues.

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Be a part of our social media celebration of Hadassah, nurses, and the Power of Women Who Heal. Take a selfie high-fiving a nurse or holding up our #Chai5aNurse sign, and help Hadassah promote pride the huge contributions made by nurses, Hadassah and Hadassah nurses.

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Featured Videos

Research in Service to Humanity
Julie Benbenishty

"I believe in social change...a nurse’s work shouldn’t end when her shift ends.” — says HMO Nurse Julie Benbenishty, a trailblazer in trauma research who is deeply involved in building bridges to peace through nursing. WATCH ›

Research in Service to Humanity
Back to Her Birthplace

Born at HMO, today Ruth Radiano is the Nurse Director of Hemato-Oncology Division at HMO, where she has worked for the past 26 years. WATCH ›

Yefet Alamo
Rabbi, Nurse & Ethiopian Activist

HMO nurse Yefet Alamo, who works in the surgery department, is also Israel's first ordained Conservative Rabbi and an activist for Ethiopian immigrants. He was born in Ethiopia and made aliyah in 1983. WATCH ›

Meet Hadassah nurses like these on a Hadassah trip to Israel of a lifetime, From Dream to Innovation: Israel Milestone Mission, which features both a general and a nurses track.

HIGHLIGHTS: Hadassah Nurses

From two nurses facing the overwhelming task of bringing health and hygiene to a backward population to their critical role in delivering the most advanced health care in the Middle East, Hadassah nurses have been part of the fabric of Israel for a century.

Creating Leaders in the Nursing Profession

Hadassah Brings Healing to Jerusalem

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