Coronavirus Updates from Israel and in Our Communities

Working closely with Israel's Ministry of Health, Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem is taking extraordinary measures during this unprecedented crisis. Domestically, we have cancelled or postponed all major national and local events through the end of April, and all offices officially closed March 16. Our staff and volunteers continue our important work virtually. Check this page for updates on how we’re saving lives.


March 30: Despite Corona, Hadassah Convoy’s Fallen Are Not Forgotten

March 27: Experiencing Shabbat During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 26: Hadassah to Supply 700,000 Bottles of Hadassol to Israeli Health System

March 26: Hadassah Nurse Cuts Short Maternity Leave to Work in Coronavirus Unit

March 25: We're here for you! Connect with Hadassah from home. - Hadassah @Home #2
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

March 25: All-Staff Corona Testing at Hadassah Identifies Asymptomatic Carriers (video)

March 25: Hadassah Surmounts Corona Travel Restrictions to Save Baby’s Life

March 24: Hadassah's Dr. Simcha Yagel on Pregnancy and Covid-19 (video)

March 24: Jewish Life Cycle Continues in Midst of Coronavirus—A Brit at Hadassah

March 24: Hadassah Hospital doctor uses cartoonist skills to explain coronavirus — FromTheGrapevine.com

March 24: Hadassah Hospital become first Israeli hospital to test all staff members for coronavirus — Israel National News

March 24: Israel corona virus tally up to 1,238 — YnetNews

March 24: Prof. Zeev Rotstein reportedly urges Netanyahu not to order indefinite curfew — i24News

March 23: The role of Hadassah in fighting pandemics and plagues in The Holy Land — Israel21C

March 23: The “Art” of Healing at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus

March 23: Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah Teens Maintain Bond with Holocaust Survivors

March 22: A bris without the parents at Hadassah Hospital — The Yeshiva World

March 22: Israel approaches 1,000 patient mark — The Times of Israel

March 20: Hadassah’s Medical Clown Reaches Out to Us (video)

March 20: Hadassah Inpatient Units Share Space to Accommodate Another Corona Unit

March 20: Teen From Kazakhstan Feels Safe in Hadassah Youth Village (video)

March 20: Hadassah Hospital opens daycare center for children of staff — The Jerusalem Post

March 20:Defense Department Ministry to purchase 2,500 ventilators — Israel Hayom

March 20:Hadassah Hospital recruits Tel Aviv University students to process corona virus tests — EurekaAlert.com

March 20:Mossad imports 100,000 coronavirus test kits overnight —The Jewish Press

March 20:Dr. Ran Nir-Paz treats coronavirus patients in isolation ward —Israel National News

March 19: 89-Year-Old Corona Patient In Critical Condition in Yerushalayim — The Yeshiva World

March 19: Testing, Testing, Testing—Hadassah Gears Up to Fight Coronavirus
As one of the few hospitals in Israel tasked by the Ministry of Health with caring for victims of the coronavirus, Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem is in the forefront of the battle to fight the highly contagious and dangerous disease.

March 18: I'm inside the coronavirus outbreak ward at Hadassah Hospital. Here's my story. — JTA

March 18: Staying in? Keep your mind, body and values active with us! - Hadassah @Home #1
We hope that you're managing as well as you can during this difficult period. Staying connected and active can be a tremendous source of comfort, especially when we're all spending so much time at home.

March 18: Listen Now: Pandemic Specialist Offers Coronavirus Insights
In this recorded update, HMO infectious disease specialist Dr. Allon Moses provides clear answers to some of our most pressing questions about the coronavirus, including what is being done and what each of us needs to do.

March 17: Hadassah Hospital Meeting Emergency Demand
Find out from top Hadassah leaders in the US and Israel how HMO is answering the Israeli government’s call for assitance in fighting COVID-19 and how are medical teams are fighting on the front lines of the coronovirus in Israel. Be sure to scroll down for an update form HMO Director General Zeev Rotstein.

March 17: Hadassah Hospital triples coronavirus testing — The Jerusalem Post

March 16: Israeli coronavirus cases spike — The Jerusalem Post

March 16: Pregnant Woman Was in Quarantine. Then She Went into Labor.

March 15: President Rhoda Smolow’s Timely Message
"Many of us, who have been devoted to Hadassah and Israel throughout our lifetimes, can once again stand proudly to say that our hospital is stepping up to offer what no other hospital can," says Hadassah National President Rhoda Smolow in this important message.

March 14: Israeli woman with coronavirus gives birth at Hadassah Hospital — The Jerusalem Post

March 13: Hadassah Hospital requires exam to enter hospital — News1

March 13: Israel Health Ministry increases testing — Haaretz

March 12: Hadassah Hospital one of five coronavirus testing sites in Israel — Haaretz

March 12: Hadassah Hospital announces precautions — The Yeshiva World

March 12: Temperature check and questionnaire for those entering Hadassah Hospital — Israel National News

March 9: Hadassah Expert: Covid19 unlikely to wane by summer — The Times of Israel

March 8: Israel third in world for rate of coronavirus tests — Haaretz

March 7: HMO doctor answers questions about coronavirus — From The Grapevine

March 6: Israel Health Ministry: Essential services should plan for coronavirus disruption — The Jerusalem Post

March 2: Israelis and Palestinians cooperate over coronavirus — TheMediaLine.com

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