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Get involved with Hadassah. We think about the challenges women and families face, and we do something about them. We show our love for Israel in myriad ways. And we make friends for life while we do all of it. Come join with us; we’re waiting to welcome you.


There is a place for you at Hadassah, whether you have lots of time or just a little. Come put your passion to work, side by side with like-minded women. We are a warm and special community within the larger Jewish community, and we invite you to laugh with us, plan with us, and make the world better with us. Come DO with the women of Hadassah.


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Take a new look and a listen to what today’s Zionism is all about. Learn—and teach—about health issues that affect every woman in our country. Or, take your passion for women’s well-being to the legislators who can do something about it. Whatever is your area of interest, indulge it, nurture it, act on it, and accomplish it at Hadassah.


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