After Terror Attack Kills Sister, Arab Surgeon at Hadassah Saves Life of Her Brother

Monday, Aug 26 2019

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin visited Hadassah Hospital to comfort Rabbi Eitan Schnerb and his son Dvir.

The family from Lod were enjoying a Friday hike in a popular nature preserve close to the Danny Spring near Dolev, east of Modiin, when an explosive devise suddenly detonated near them.

Rina Schnerb, 17, was killed instantly. Her brother, Dvir Haim, 19, and their father, Rabbi Eitan Schnerb, 46, were both injured, with Dvir Haim sustaining very severe abdominal and other injuries. The ambulance services reaching the victims realized the Schnerbs needed immediate expert care, so they called in a military helicopter that quickly flew both of the injured to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

Once they landed, the unconscious Dvir Haim was immediately taken into surgery, where Hadassah's expert abdominal surgeon, Dr. Abed Khalaileh, was waiting for him. Several hours later Dr. Khalaileh was able to report that the surgery was successful.

Rabbi Schnerb also underwent surgery for his wounds, and father and son were moved to the Surgery Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Two days later both patients had been moved out of intensive care into the regular surgery wards at Hadassah. They were visited there by Israel's President Reuven Rivlin, who said, "I come here on behalf of the people of Israel to comfort you in your time of mourning." Rivlin praised the work of Hadassah as a great center for healing.

Read more in The Times of Israel.

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