Battling hate in the spirit of Queen Esther

Wednesday, Mar 8 2017

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Don’t miss this JTA op-ed for Purim, tying Esther to a call to action against recent acts of anti-Semitism and acts of hate, by Hadassah National President Ellen Hershkin. Since it ran in the JTA on March 7, it’s been picked up by the Times of Israel, the Forward, JWeekly, and local Jewish publications around the country. 
Battling hate in the spirit of Queen Esther

By Ellen Hershkin

Shots fired into a classroom window at an Indiana synagogue. Cemeteries desecrated in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and New York. Swastikas scrawled on Jewish buildings. More than 100 bomb threats called in to Jewish community centers.

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but echoes of the darkest chapters serve as warnings. We study the past and preserve our tradition so that we’ll recognize the signs. For these troubled days, the observance of Purim — commemorating the defeat of a plot to massacre the Jews in ancient Persia — is a timely reminder.

But as troubling as the recent anti-Semitic outrages are, the United States is not prewar Europe, let alone ancient Persia, where for all Queen Esther’s courage, protection depended on a king’s will. Here, the protection of the law and the fabric of society are with us.
Read the full op-ed at JTA. Speaking out about anti-Semitism is important – and timely. Please share. 

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