CORONAVIRUS UPDATE from Hadassah's National President

Sunday, Mar 15 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Rhoda Smolow Hadassah National PresidentIn these challenging days, when we are all faced with inconvenience, even hardship, worry and fear of the unknown, we are so lucky to be blessed with our strong and caring Hadassah community. Now more than ever we can, and should, rely on our Hadassah friends for stress relief using our social networks, phones, Facebook, FaceTime, What’s App video, etc.

Domestically, we have already cancelled or postponed all major national and local events through the end of April, disallowed travel on behalf of Hadassah through the same period and prepared our staff for remote functioning. We are providing information daily to our leadership and staff in New York and nationally and will officially close all offices as of Monday, March 16th. Some designated staff will come in for essential services (e.g., mail and processing) for a limited number of hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are so proud and grateful for the work that HMO (Hadassah Ein Kerem) is performing. HMO has been designated by the Ministry of Health as one of seven hospitals in Israel to take coronavirus patients. At an immense financial cost to the hospital and to avoid any potential risk to other patients and our health professionals, a secure, secluded and equipped environment on the fifth floor of the iconic Round Building has been created and is being administered by our infectious disease experts. Moderately ill patients will be hospitalized in a segregated area, and severely ill patients who need intensive care respiratory therapy will be in a separate ward. Entrance to both areas is strictly forbidden including by spouses and family. Staff will be wearing protective gear and following procedures outlined by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Allon MosesThere is something very special about Hadassah in the way we care and cope with a crisis such as coronavirus. Many of us, who have been devoted to Hadassah and Israel throughout our lifetimes, can once again stand proudly to say that our hospital is stepping up to offer what no other hospital can, a separate building, our iconic round building, to house patients suffering with COVID-19.

While some countries choose who they care for by their age, Israel and Hadassah live by the words we recite on Yom Kippur, אל תשליכנו לעת זקנה, “do not forsake us in old age. When our strength fails us do not abandon us." HMO cares for all patients regardless of their age.

For over 108 years we have been a proud, strong, dedicated group of women who have weathered many crises. We have always answered the call of our projects in Israel, and domestically have stood proudly and made our voices heard. We have been, and will always be, a force to be reckoned with. Together, we will get through this too.

Hadassah cares about your well-being!! Stay safe! Stay well!

With Pride, Passion and Purpose,

Rhoda Smolow Signature
Rhoda Smolow
Hadassah National President


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