Join Hadassah in the Fight Against Anti-Semitism

Monday, Dec 30 2019

Many of us have family stories or personal memories of anti-Semitism, threats or even violence against Jews in other countries. But the ugly face of anti-Semitism and all of its consequences has now manifested itself on America's shores where Jews were not regularly intimidated, assaulted or killed for the crime of being Jewish.

Hadassah refuses to accept this as the new normal. Last evening, Hadassah called on you to share on social media the light of your homes on the eighth night of Hanukkah. The response was beautiful. From all over, you shared inspiring photos and thoughts which reminded us that our community is stronger than ever. We are proud, tolerant and determined. We are Americans, Jews and Zionists. And we respond to hatred with hope, action, and of course — light.

Over the last year, Hadassah and its members have advocated for Congress to support enhanced anti-hate school curricula. You recognized that the lessons of the Holocaust must be taught and that comprehensive Holocaust education can prevent anti-Semitism, bigotry, hatred, discrimination and extremism. Thanks to you, this critical legislation is very close to passage.

You also recognized that anti-Semitism anywhere is a threat to Jews everywhere and advocated for the US to hold Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA accountable for the well-documented anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist content in their approved curricula and schools.

There is clearly more work to be done. Hadassah is going to keep up the fight in 2020. We will continue to proudly stand for who we are and what we believe, as will you.

Contact your representatives in Congress right now and tell them that our country needs their voice and their vote in favor of Hadassah-supported anti-hate legislation.


Please, continue to bring light to your communities. Share this message with your friends and families on social media. Always be proud, confident and undeterred. There's an entire community of Hadassah standing with you. Together we stand strong.


Ellen Hershkin Signature
Ellen Hershkin
National President

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Janice Weinman
CEO/Executive Director

This note was sent via email to Hadassah members.

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