Gabriella Kula and Michael Wieder’s Infertility Journey for June World Infertility Month

Friday, Jun 12 2020

Michael and Gabriella and baby Jenna Kula

Gabriella Kula and Michael Wieder’s’ “Our Infertility Journey for June World Infertility Month" for Thrive Global reflects on how lucky the couple feels that they are living in a time in which excellent science and committed doctors make it possible for them to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Today, Gabriella is a New York City-based freelance museum educator currently serving as an educator for school, family, adult and access groups at The Noguchi Museum, The Jewish Museum, and Poster House. Additionally, Gabriella is the director of Havurah, The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan.

In her column, Gabriella recounts how she and her husband Michael were open and honest with their families and community about their struggle and how they found amazing support and encouragement among families and friends. This column is part of Hadassah’s ongoing series of articles in Thrive Global, the media platform founded by Arianna Huffington.

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