Hadassah Confronts the Comeback of Measles

Wednesday, Jun 5 2019

Prof. Allon Moses

Measles, a disease we have not seen for a long time, has come back. In the past year and a half, Israel has seen over 4,000 cases, says Prof. Allon Moses, director of the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the Hadassah Medical Organization.

What is particularly worrisome, Prof. Allon says, is that measles “is one of the most contagious diseases.” Spread by airborne particles that remain in the atmosphere for several hours, he explains, measles will spread to 90 percent of patients who have not been vaccinated if they come in contact with someone who has the disease.

The good news is that the vaccine against measles is highly effective. But who needs to get the vaccine? Who is naturally immune to measles? Do antibodies from the mother protect her infant? Who should avoid the vaccine? And what about that often-claimed link between autism and vaccines?  Hear the answer to these questions and more in Hadassah’s latest podcast.

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