[Hadassah On Call Podcast] The Path Towards a Cancer Cure

Wednesday, Oct 14 2020

Dr. Aron Popovtzer

There’s a new leader walking the halls at Hadassah’s hospitals -- and he’s passionate about curing cancer. Dr. Aron Popovtzer, the new director of the Sharett Institute of Oncology, is well-known for his pioneering cancer treatments and recently sat down with Hadassah On Call podcast host Benyamin Cohen to discuss what’s new with cancer research and treatments at Hadassah’s hospitals. 

In the podcast episode, “Legacy, Passion and Moving Towards a Cure for Cancer,” Dr. Popovtzer shares details about a cancer treatment called DART – Diffused Alpha Radiation Therapy Treatment – that pinpoints and eradicates tumor cells sparing surrounding healthy tissue, and is set to be implemented in hospitals around the globe. The Hadassah oncology department will also be the first in Israel to offer genomic mapping to cancer patients, which will provide doctors with unique insights into the tumor development for individual patients. 

“This is the dream,” Dr. Popovtzer says, “Our treatments will be a bit more personalized and patients will live better, live longer and have less side effects.” 

Listen to the latest Hadassah On Call episode and meet Dr. Popovtzer as he shares how the second wave of the coronavirus is impacting patients, the lifestyle and healthy habits that may prevent cancer, and much more. 

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