Hadassah Shares COVID-19 Protocol Manual With Argentinian Parliament

Tuesday, Jul 14 2020

As part of a global mission to share its successful COVID-19 hospital protocols, the Hadassah Medical Organization, together with Hadassah International, presented HMO’s Manual of Protocols to the Argentine Health Commission of the Lower House of the Chamber of Deputies on July 2, 2020. 

“For the Argentinian Congress, it is an honor to receive you in our house and to extend our appreciation for this collaboration that does not end with this material that you are giving us,” said Deputy Dr. Pablo Yedlin, president of the health commission. “It opens the doors to a more important collaboration.” 

The participation of Israeli ambassador Galit Ronen highlighted the strong collaborative relationship between Israel and Argentina. “In these difficult times, actions towards unity are important,” commented Ambassador Ronen. “The relations between Argentina and Israel have never been as good as at this moment.”

The 65-page manual is a compilation of essential medical guidelines for handling COVID-19 patients in the hospital setting and also continuing to provide general health care during the pandemic. It provides extensive details as to what needs to be done from the moment a patient enters a hospital facility until the time of discharge or death. One particular chapter delineates safety measures to employ when regular surgical activity resumes. 

Hadassah has already shared its protocols with nursing homes, hospitals, and health facilities in Buenos Aires, but this presentation extended the cooperation to other Argentinian provinces.

Currently, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, and Mexico are using the manual, and it has been shared with Australia, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The manual is available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Part of the manual was also recently published in the Journal of Hospital Administration.

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