Hooray For Congress and the Never Again Education Act

Thursday, Jun 11 2020

Anastasia Torres-Gil

Anastasia Torres-Gil’s column on the passage of the Never Again Education Act, “Hooray for Congress” for J Weekly, recounts the long-ago promise she made to her relatives in Grodno, Poland, who were murdered by the Nazis, that she would never forget them. Anastasia Torres-Gil is a retired Assistant District Attorney who served as the Santa Clara County District Attorney's first Hate Crimes Unit Coordinator. She’s a Wexner Heritage Fellowship alumna and currently serves on the National Board of Hadassah. Her op-eds have been published in Kveller, The Jewish News of Northern California, The Oakland Tribune, Thrive Global and Santa Cruz Sentinel.

In her column, Anastasia writes about how teaching about the Holocaust involves much more than teaching about death and the number of people who died. Teaching about the Holocaust requires teaching how people can be manipulated by their base instincts and how leaders are willing to exploit these evil impulses. This column part of an ongoing series of op-ed columns on topical news interests which Anastasia Torres-Gil has contributed to J Weekly.

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Hadassah Celebrates The Never Again Education Act Being Signed Into Law

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