"Israel, On Air" Underscores the Power of Podcasts

Monday, Jul 20 2020

Dina Kraft

Where can we find complex and meaningful conversations about Israel that capture the many perspectives of this vibrant and diverse nation?

Learn how Hadassah's The Branch podcast, Israel Story and others are driving important, authentic conversations from podcast hosts in "Israel, On Air: How Podcasts Are Creating Meaningful Dialogue About Israel," presented by the Israel Action Network earlier this summer.

In this candid and lively discussion, journalist Dina Kraft, host of The Branch, joins Israel Story co-founder Mishy Harman, and Israel Policy Pod hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz. Podcasts "bring such a richer, deeper level of conversation to people,” says Dina Kraft, shedding light on the complexity of living in Israel.

The Branch, which offers a glimpse into the lives of Jews and Arabs forging meaningful relationships, launched its second season in July with "The Corona Chronicles." Listen, subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts -- and help spread the word.

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