Stand Up for Title X and Women’s Preventive Health | Advocacy Update 9.24

Wednesday, Sep 25 2019

Title X is Critical for Women’s Preventative Health
Restrictions on Title X preventive health funding are affecting the care of over 4 million patients nationwide. Urge Congress to take action during upcoming spending negotiations to protect this essential program.

On Monday, a federal court heard arguments challenging the Department of Health and Human Services “domestic gag rule.” The gag rule jeopardizes Title X funding and access to critical women’s health services. The program, founded in 1970, supports family planning and preventive women’s health services – including pap smears, mammograms, contraception, STI testing and well-woman visits – as well as counseling about prenatal care and comprehensive reproductive health services for low income and uninsured individuals.

Take Action

Women face unique health challenges. Preventative health services are critical through every stage of their lives in order to stay healthy. These services save money. More importantly, they also save lives. Hadassah is firmly committed to ensuring that every woman has access to these services no matter her income – which is why we strongly support Title X.

Take Action Now
Your legislators have the power to step in and #SaveTitleX, which has historically received bipartisan support. Funding for comprehensive health education and services is essential for health providers to deliver quality care to patients. Here are two bills that Hadassah supports:

  • H.R 2740 would protect global health and Title X family planning programs by blocking funding for the gag rules’ implementation. 
  • The bipartisan Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act (S. 368 | H.R. 1055) would repeal the global gag rule and ensure organizations on the front lines receive the life-saving funding they need.

Join us in standing up for women’s preventive health by taking action today, via the Hadassah National Action Center, and urge your legislator to support Title X funding.

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