Stand Up with Hadassah for Reproductive Choice | Advocacy Update 5.22

Wednesday, May 22 2019

Now is the time to raise our voices publicly to support reproductive choice. That's why Hadassah and other national organizations joined forces this Tuesday for a National Day of Action.

As an organization committed to women's health, Hadassah has mobilized its members in support of reproductive rights for decades. We were at the March for Women's Lives in 1989, 1992, and 2004, when Hadassah National President June Walker, z"l, addressed over 1 million people.

Most of us had hoped we would never have to mobilize again to protect a woman's right to choose. Yet recent legislation in states around the country has made it essential that we do. Can we count on you now?

Get Involved with Hadassah

  1. Rallies are still being organized around the country. Please, attend – and ask your members to join you. Find a location near you on the National Day of Action site. (Note that Hadassah cannot participate in event on Shabbat or Yom Tov days.) If you have the opportunity to speak at a rally, contact us for additional speech language.  
  2. Bring a Hadassah sign or banner to the rally. You can download one here and print it out. Wear a Hadassah T-shirt, too! Make sure to take photos, share them with us and post on social media. 
  3. Share our posts on social media. Use the hashtags #Hadassah and #StopTheBans.
  4. Promote our statement Affirming Our Commitment to Reproductive Rights and use Hadassah talking points when speaking about the issue.
  5. Commit to getting involved on the state level, where bans and restrictions are infringing on women's reproductive freedom. We want to partner with you and will soon send more information about how you can organize meetings with legislators in key states — and across the country — through our Date with the State program.
  6. Write letters to elected officials via the National Action Center. We have new messages for Congress, state legislators and Governors.
  7. Let us know how you're mobilizing your members. We're here to help.

As the nation's largest Jewish women's organization, we must speak out. Reproductive health choices must be made in accordance with a woman's own religious, moral and ethical values. Help us get the word out loudly and clearly: Hadassah believes that women should make reproductive decisions in consultation with their own doctors and clergy.

Hadassah is a leader on this issue — always has been, always will be. Right now, we need your leadership. Together, we'll show the strength of Hadassah, the Power of Women Who Do!

Debby Mazon and Connie Cirillo Freeman
Team Leaders, National Advocacy Team 

Speaking out is crucial. So is the support of Hadassah members like you. Thank you.

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