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Wednesday, Jul 15 2015


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Despite news reports about the level of congressional support, your voice still matters. Keep sending letters to Congress to help prevent a nuclear armed Iran and to advocate for the security of Israel, the region, and the world. Help us reach 60,000 signatures!

On July 14, the United States, P5+1 (United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and German), and Iran announced an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (H.R. 1191), signed into law on May 22, mandates that Congress shall have 60 days to review and vote on the agreement before any sanctions can be lifted. Legislators return from the summer congressional recess on September 8, with a deadline to vote by September 17.

Urge your legislators to continue speaking out about Iran’s transparency of its nuclear activities, security safeguards, and compliance prior to the lifting of economic sanctions. It is essential to maintain a credible threat of economic pressure to ensure that Iran does not abandon or violate the process.

Hadassah also urges the United States to continue engaging with Israel throughout this process in order to maintain security cooperation, economic partnerships, and a robust U.S.-Israel relationship.

Hadassah’s National Board and Delegates approved a new Iran policy statement at the 2015 National Board and National Business Meetings in Philadelphia: “Hadassah recognizes the efforts of the United States and members of the international community to secure a diplomatic solution to the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. However, we remain acutely concerned that the proposed agreement will fail to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” Read the full statement ›. As a member of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), Hadassah also joined JCPA in its response.

Your voice still matters! Send a message to Congress ›

POSTED JUNE 14, 2015

After over a year of talks, the deadline for a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran is now only two weeks away. A nuclear-armed Iran remains an immediate and existential threat to Israel and the world.

With the support of advocates like you, we have sounded the alarm about Iran’s nuclear program and secured crucial Congressional oversight of any potential Iranian nuclear deal.

Now members of Congress must continue to speak out, before the agreement is finalized, to help ensure the best deal possible.

Watch the above video, and urge your legislators to insist that any agreement must ensure Iran’s transparency about its nuclear activities, security safeguards, and compliance prior to the lifting of any economic sanctions. Existing sanctions are credited with bringing Iran to the negotiating table, and it is essential to maintain a credible threat of economic pressure to ensure that Iran does not abandon or violate the process.

To learn more and contact your legislators directly, visit the Hadassah National Action Center.

We must eliminate all pathways to a nuclear-armed Iran—a grave threat to the security and stability of Israel, the region, and people everywhere.

Take action before it's too late.



From: Terry Zelnick on August 24, 2015
As Americans, we must strive for a better and safer world. The Iranian nuclear deal will only lead to more turmoil and war in the Middle East and does not eliminate Iran's ability to develop nuclear weapons or the means to deliver them. The alternative is not war, it is a better deal. We urge our elected representatives to reject the Iran deal and seek a diplomatic solution which eliminates the Iranian nuclear program completely.
From: Faith Meltzer on August 24, 2015
Does anyone really believe we can trust the world's leading state sponsor of terror?
From: Gail and Neil Baron on August 24, 2015
The deal seems too one-sided in Iran's favor.
From: Judith on August 6, 2015
I support a diplomatic solution. The current international agreement is the only option that will avoid war and at the same time likely keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. No alternative other than more war has been proposed by opponents to this agreement. I urge Jews to avoid political decision-making and instead give heed to the many independent experts who support the agreement.
From: cheryl on August 6, 2015
I am disappointed in Hadassah's statement . I feel it is coming from an emotional place and not a rational one. For the first time, this Treaty offers a way to more peaceable actions in the crazy world of the Midddle East. Please, everyone, listen carefully to what the treaty really says and what the positives are. if we do not have this treaty, we will have nothing! I say give peace a chance.
From: Anna on August 6, 2015
We need to March on Washington and Hadassah should organize it. We need to say no to Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry's deal with Iran. We need to do it now! Anna Haim Maplewood Aviva Hadassah, former President and life time member.
From: nadine on August 6, 2015
Since when have we seen Iran to follow rules, agreements or words of honor ??? Are we really willing to bow to its worthless signature ? What kind of fools are we ? The damages are all written in red and all over. Can you all read ???
From: Loren on August 5, 2015
In supporting Hezbollah, Iran has made it clear that they seek the destruction of Israel and could care less about American interests. In fact, the release of American hostages was not even part of the deal. Signing the deal in effect gives Iran the ability to arm itself from a nuclear standpoint in 15 years or less. 14 years ago we endured 9/11--destruction from a few airplanes. What would a nuclear bomb do? I urge you to oppose this deal and find another way to make Iran a trustworthy world partner.
From: David on July 31, 2015
There are way too many loopholes and ways for Iran to cheat, stall and stonewall. How can we make a treaty with a country that openly threatens to destroy another country, that is both a US ally and a sovereign nation?
From: Anita on July 30, 2015
Please prevent Iran from getting more powerful and dangerous.
From: Madelyn on July 29, 2015
I stand with Hadassah. this Iran deal si terrible for both Israel and the U.S.
From: Soraya M. Nazarian on July 28, 2015
Don't help terrorism through the Islamic Iran. This is not the Iran we used to know.
From: Joe on July 28, 2015
The language of the deal ignores the reality on the ground not to mention being disconnected from Iran's supporting of terrorism, the antagonism between Iran and Saudi Arabia (likely to lead to an nuclear race), the miscalculation of a theocratic regime motivation (death to America) compared to ideological regime motivations (like our negotiations with the former Soviet Union), etc. The risk is much higher than we are being led to believe. Please nix this deal and get a better one with better negotiators.
From: BJ on July 27, 2015
I think we ought to trust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on this. Do you think he doesn't know his neighbors by now? I think it is Israel that we should be listening to the most. So far, I have not seen good decisions from our president and I don't know that I would trust him to have our backs on this one either. Our president is far more Muslim than Jewish.
From: SUSAN YOUNG on July 27, 2015
A deal with Iran would be the utmost stupidity.Iran has already proven it cannot be trusted. It woud mean the end of Israel, and soon after, the end of the U.S. way of life.
From: Len on July 26, 2015
It is complete insanity to place any trust in what the Iranians have agreed to. Based on their past performance, they have zero credibility.
From: Marcia on July 26, 2015
Please see that an inspection system is set up before sanctions are lifted and that it has been reported that there is no production of weapons grade material. Also please take into consideration Iran's declaration of death to Israel and our country the USA.
From: Elisabeth V. on July 26, 2015
Very sad, the president is signing an agreement with a country that is not to be trusted. Did he forget the hostage taking? Does he ignore innocent people imprisoned? Seven hundred people hung in 2014? Say no to this deal, bad for the world, bad for Israel.
From: Dan on July 26, 2015
Do not vote for this deal!
From: Ava on July 26, 2015
Make sure that sanctions are not lifted until inspection regime is in effect and reports that Indeed all facilities are not producing weapons grade material and in fact there is no production period!
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