Urologists at Hadassah Crush Urinary Stones With New “Moses” Technology

Thursday, Oct 25 2018

Taking advantage of a “game changer” in the treatment of urinary stones, urologists at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem are employing a new technology that breaks up stones faster and more effectively than current treatment options. 

To read about the Moses technology, developed by the Israeli firm Lumenis, click here

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Coronavirus update from Jerusalem

This is truly a time of extremes, and I hope each of you and your families are staying healthy and strong. I'm so grateful to our Hadassah family, members, staff and volunteers, who, from a safe distance are doing what you can to support Hadassah's efforts and one another.


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COVID-19: Emergency Measures at Hadassah Hospital

Over the past few days, many in our Hadassah family have reached out to see how they can help, proud to know that in our names, Hadassah is doing all we can to bring compassion and healing during a time of extreme uncertainty. We are so lucky to be blessed with our strong, caring Hadassah community. Ensuring the safety of our families, our communities and our world is the long-held mission of our organization.


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