You Are Invited to Participate in a Pediatric Conference in Jerusalem

Tuesday, Aug 13 2019

Prof. Eitan Kerem, head of the Division of Pediatrics

The Center for Pediatric Chronic Diseases of the Hadassah Medical Organization and Jerusalem’s National Institute of Child Health and Human Development welcome you to participate in the Jerusalem International Conference on “The Challenged Child,” to be held in Jerusalem, December 2-4, 2019. 

Hear from colleagues in all disciplines that care for children and adolescents with medical and mental challenges. Meet Hadassah’s experts and pediatric specialists from around the globe. Heading up the organizing committee from Hadassah are Prof. Eitan Kerem, head of the Division of Pediatrics, Prof. Isaiah D. Wexler, head of Pediatric Metabolism and Feeding Disorders, and Dr. Ariel Tenenbaum, director of the Down Syndrome Center.

Professionals involved in the care and service of these children, adolescents, and their families are welcome to present their experience and knowledge. If you have research to share with the scientific and clinical community, you may submit your abstract for either oral presentation at a   symposium or workshop, or as a poster.

To register and read about the many prestigious members of the organizing team from around the world, go to https://www.jerusalemchild.com/

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