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HADASSAH The Power of Women Who DO

Hadassah women are not defined by age or occupation or geography. We are defined by a shared set of values that identify what is important to us, and guide the way we live our lives.

Hadassah women want to make a meaningful, hands-on difference in the world. We believe ethics and values are an important expression of our Judaism. We care about women’s health, Israel, and social justice. Connecting with other women who believe the same is a priority. 

We are in sync with Hadassah’s action areas:

1. advancing health and well-being

2. empowering women to advocate

3. building community in the US and Israel

These three action areas are Hadassah’s strengths and priorities; they are at the core of all we do. 

Women join Hadassah for many reasons. We want a sense of community and shared purpose.  We are committed to Jewish continuity. We are concerned about the health and well-being of women young and old. We are passionate about Israel.

Hadassah believes in building a world where Jewish values create a strong community and an enduring Israel. That’s why our entire focus is on connecting and empowering Jewish women to effect change. We’ve done this for over 100 years and we will do it for the next 100. We invite all women to join —to put their values into action with us and through our programs.

The Albuquerque Chapter of Hadassah needs your participation to create a strong and vital chapter. Please support our programs, interest groups, and fundraising efforts so we can continue our important work locally, nationally, in Israel and worldwide.

Contact us for more information: albuquerque@hadassah.org or 505-331-1456

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