Feed Your Mind and Your Body 
at this Potluck Enrichment Event: 
Learn How to Achieve Bliss and Avoid Going Amiss

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a personal magic wand to wave over your life and “PRESTO!” your every desire would be fulfilled? Unfortunately, life doesn’t exactly work that way, but you DO have the ability to create magic every day in both your life and your relationships. This “trick” can be accomplished by adopting a positive attitude and changing your perspective in order to see the lighter side of circumstances that are very often perceived as negative. This slight shift in your viewpoint will allow you to discard behaviors that are holding you back from attaining your goals. Instead of believing that there must be something more and always looking for the elusive happily ever after, you can begin to enjoy your happily right now.
Sign up to join us as we explore some of the tenets of healthy and successful relationships and provide practical advice on how to achieve bliss and avoid things going amiss.
February 23rd, 10-11:30 AM
Dairy Potluck, $5 couvert
Hosted graciously at home of Sherri Simhayoff
RSVP: Janet Stein

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