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Jill Stenzler-Engelman, ז"ל


Jill Stenzler-Engleman, ז"ל  was a life member of Hadassah. Her degree was in nursing from the University of Florida. For years, Jill was an instructor for Hadassah's "Check It Out" program that educated local high school students and the community about breast cancer awareness. She taught the techniques of breast self-exam and early detection and saved many lives in the process. Jill was passionate about living a healthy life-style and educating others.

On December 31, 2014, Jill passed away after years of fighting ovarian cancer. She was 53 years old. Her husband Greg established the Jill Stenzler-Engelman Health Education Fund in her memory. The fund provides finances for women's health programs throughout the country. What a great way to continue Jill's legacy.

To watch a video of Jill please click here

Jill was interviewed in November, 2011. Here is Jill (edited) discussing her illness, her knowledge, her support system and her outlook on life. By watching this video you will get a better understanding of Jill (if you didn’t know her) and will be reminded of her positive energy (if you did know her). She is truly missed. She would be thrilled that Hadassah is undertaking fundraising efforts to support health education.

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