Great Plains Fall Meeting – October 24 - 26

Advocacy Symposium

I’m feeling pretty passionate after hearing from Bonnie Lipton, Past National President, Sheila Derman, Past National Vice-President, Congresswoman Schakowsky, 9th District IL, and Barbara Sofer, Director of Public Relations and Communications for HOI (Hadassah Office in Israel), from Saturday evening through Monday morning.  (I will be happy to provide bios on request.)  

Bonnie captivated us with her stories she so passionately wove together as she talked about her life, Israel, HMO and Hadassah.  Sheila Derman, an expert in Advocacy imparted her wisdom and experience and worked seamlessly with Cheryl Adelstein, Great Plains Leadership Coordinator, to make the sessions educational through listening and hands-on activities.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky addressed our concerns about women’s health and Israel.  She has co-sponsored House Res 458 which urges actions to address gender disparities. She has co-sponsored HR 2355 – The Women’s Preventive Health Awareness Campaign Act.  She has also signed the Royce-Engel letter to President Abbas. We are expecting she will support H Res 293 which expresses concerns over anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in the Palestinian Authority and HR 2102 – The Research for All Act.

Barbara Sofer, straight from Israel, talked to us about the victims and terrorists being treated side by side at Hadassah Hospital and the difficulties that can arise.  She took us behind the scenes and introduced us to some of the victims and their families.  She also talked about some of the latest breakthroughs, such as ALS, and Genetic Testing for the BRCA genes.

In addition to our guests and our sessions on Advocacy, we held our Installation of Officers for 2016.  It was a weekend like no other as each meeting in the spring and fall are unique.


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