Madison, Rachel S. Jastrow

The Rachel S. Jastrow Hadassah Chapter of Madison, Wisconsin Founded 1914

6633 University Ave.
Middleton, Wisconsin 53562
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P : (608) 770-6521

E : madison.chapter@hadassah.org

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6633 University Ave.

Middleton, Wisconsin 53562


Advocate, walk, run, learn, give, join, DO

Advocate, walk, run, learn, give, join, DO — for Israel, for your community, for yourself

We believe in building a world where our Jewish values in action create strong community and an enduring Israel. With members in every congressional district in the US, we are everywhere, working and learning together, building leaders, empowering women to effect change locally, nationally and internationally. Hadassah women are activists, fundraisers, visionaries, wives, sisters, daughters and mothers.

Contact me:  Teree Farbstein, President of the Great Plains Region and let’s talk about the chapter closest to you.

From our President

Chapter President

Whether or not you are new to Madison Hadassah --Welcome to a wonderful, vibrant community of Jewish women! A century after Madison Hadassah was founded by suffragettes & social justice leaders, we are still a community of progressive-minded Jewish women.  We are daughters, mothers, grandmothers, single and married, gay and straight - fulltime volunteers, nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, professors, judges, exercise instructors, & more.

Madison Hadassah’s Activities Just as National Hadassah has evolved to meet the changing needs of the new century, our focus is moving forward.  We are:

Madison Hadassah as a way for Jewish women to come together.

Women Who Heal We are educating women on the different healthcare needs of women. And we support Hadassah medical research, healthcare, education & emergency services in the Middle East & to third world countries around the world.

Women Who Advocate We are fighting against Human Trafficking & advocating for gender equality in medical research in the US & Israel.

Women for Israel support Hadassah as a Bridge to Peace We support Hadassah’s medical research, healthcare & medical education serve as a bridge to peace throughout the Middle East & world. (Also Hadassah College & Hadassah Youth Villages).

Corliss Karasov - President, Madison Hadassah

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