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With over 12,000 members and counting, Hadassah Greater Philadelphia is the foundation for connecting Jewish women in our community. We create opportunities for personal growth, education, advocacy and Jewish continuity through our events and volunteer opportunities; empowering our members and supporters, as well as youth in Israel and America.

1518 Walnut St. Suite 402
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
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P : (215) 732-7100

E : philadelphia@hadassah.org

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1518 Walnut St. Suite 402

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

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We Offer Certificates for Any Occasion

Hadassah Greater Philadelphia offers beautiful certificates for any occasion starting at $18.

To order, please contact Stephanie Guy at 215-732-7100.


Join us for Education Day!
Education Day Registration Flyer 2019

This year's Education Day Gala will be held in celebration of Israeli breakthroughs in Medical Technology, Hadassah Initiatives, and Fashion. Chapter Myrtle Wreath Award winners will also be presented and honored.

Please join us for this momentous occasion! 

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From our President


Hadassah Greater Philadelphia, over 12,000 women strong, is the premier membership organization for women worldwide who want to advocate for issues important to them; make their support of Israel known to every policy maker in the U. S.; and raise money for life saving research.

Hadassah is the place where your voice counts and your commitment yields amazing results. Join us and you will find other women like you, whose determination has created miracles at our hospitals every day, and whose strength and knowledge create the change they want to see in the world.

- Michele Foster, President

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Wilmington Mah Jongg 2019

You're Invited to Wilmington's Mah Jongg Event

September 8, 2019

Albert Einstein Bingo 2019

Gift Card Bingo hosted by Albert Einstein

September 15, 2019


  • President

    Michele Foster

  • Vice President

    Suzy Grumbacher

  • Vice President

    Margie Kopins

  • Vice President

    Heidi Mikels

  • Vice President

    Charlotte Rosenthal

  • Vice President

    Lynn Turkington

  • Treasurer

    Adrienne Riff

  • Secretary

    Sheryl Beegal

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