Our Chapter nearly covers the state of Delaware. At this time there is no active chapter in Dover or Lower Delaware by the beaches. We do have some members from Newark, which is about 30 minutes south of Wilmington. Our chapter holds monthly board meetings the first Monday evening of the month. We have an annual summer picnic (this year held at the JCC in conjunction with the sisterhood of the conservative synagogue). So far our planned events include a Mah Jong event (Oct 28) and an Annual Giving event (Nov 4). In January, February, and March we usually have a brunch on the first or second Sunday of the month, There is also a bus trip to NY in the spring being planned, along with a non-event fundraiser. Current contacts are: Suzy Grumbacher 302-764-8050 suzychoc@aol.com and Rhoda Dombchik 302-475-7150 , rhodadombchik@yahoo.com

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E : wilmingtonchapter@hadassah.org

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From our President

Orly’s Vision

I have been Chapter President for the past two years and feel as humbled now as I did in when I accepted the position. 
I am grateful to have people in my life who care about my growth and success.  I am grateful to my husband Bill and to ALL of our members, for being part of our fantastic chapter. Orly is a Hebrew name meaning light. YOU have been my guiding lights!
I cannot be more appreciative and thankful to the board. Some of the board members are finishing their terms as I am, but only after making a tremendous impact on every one of us and on our chapter’s success. Phoebe Mont, Sharon Berry, Blanche Reine and Renee Felder… each of you has made this a better chapter! 

We are welcoming new members to the board. Arlene Eckell is our new Treasurer (and new chapter member) and Jennifer Steinberg is our not so new (she is our Facebook Chair) Bulletin Editor. Shalom!

Serving on any board has hidden byproducts... it creates new friends, enriches your life and educates you. You learn and grow.
When people support each other and a common cause, incredible things happen. The feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie is rewards and nourishes you.

At the Rededication Event on December 7, Renee Felder received the Myrna Rubenstein Young Leadership Award presented by Harvey Rubenstein. She is so deserving of it!  Congratulations Renee.

With Renee Felder and Jodie Pezzner as our chapter’s 2014 co-Fundraising VPs, the chapter earned three National awards, which were presented at the Northern Seaboard Region meeting in Hershey PA on Nov.22. 
I am sad to be stepping down as President, but I am not leaving our chapter. We will keep on making things happen - with lots of education, social and fun events.  I hope to see you at the brunches, movies and picnics.
Have a wonderful, healthy winter and, again, thank you so much!


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  • Treasurer

    Arlene Eckell

  • Education Vice President

    Lisa Elliot

  • Email Administrator

    Deanna Garber

  • Webmaster

    Susan Hershkowitz

  • Grassroots Vice President

    Maureen LaPorte

  • Wilmington Book Group Leader

    Susan Pevar

  • Records Administrator

    Irene Plotzker

  • Membership Vice President

    Judi Rosenberg

  • Correspondence Secretary

    Sandy Rotholz

  • Program Vice President

    Elaine Schmerling

  • Facebook Chair/Newsletter Editor

    Jennifer Steinberg

  • Recording Secretary

    Esther Timmeney

  • Membership Vice President

    Sylvia Wagman

  • Grassroots Vice President

    Eva Weissman

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