Linda PICShalom friends,

What are your priorities? 

Yourself? Your health? Your family? Their health? Your friends? Travel? Shopping? 
When you think about what’s important to you, I hope philanthropy is on your list, too.

Many of you reading this article are blessed. You have a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, a job, a car, nice clothes, shoes and accessories.  Many of us have money to do the extras in life; we go out to eat, see a movie, get a manicure, shop for clothes, buy a new book or a new cell phone or iPad or travel. 

If philanthropy wasn’t on your original list, I’m asking that you add it. Be a philanthropist. Make a difference   in other people’s lives. And please make Hadassah one of the beneficiaries of your philanthropy. 

If you know someone who had or has breast or ovarian cancer, you will want to support that research at our hospitals. After all, our doctors discovered the BRACA 1 and 2 genes. Testing to see if you are a carrier of one of those genes may save your life. 

If you know someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, you’ll want to support that research done at our hospitals. We ae making great strides in that field. If you know someone with MS, you’ll want to support the incredible research and treatment done at Hadassah. Ask me about one friend who used a Segway most of the time who walks unassisted now or ask me about another friend who was confined to a wheelchair who can now walk! 

It’s all about priorities. 

Did you know that you can become a Chai Society member (make an annual gift of $180) for just $15 a month? That’s just 50 cents a day or the cost of one manicure or a new book for a grandchild.  

Did you know that for $30 a month you can become a Silver Chai Society member (make an annual gift of $360)? $1.00 a day. Or for $83.33 a month, you can become a Hadassah Keeper (make an annual gift of $1,000). That’s just $2.74 a day, about the cost of a Starbucks. 

Be a builder! Hadassah is the only Jewish organization that actually builds in Israel.

Save a life! Our medical research affects you and your family and friends. 

We need your help to continue our life changing research. TODAY. 
We need your help to renovate the “Round Building”, our original hospital at Ein Kerem.
TODAY. Your gift to the 360ş Degrees of Healing (the round Building renovation project) will be DOUBLED if you donate by December 31, 2018.

Please consider an annual commitment starting TODAY. Call our office at 713-661-1022 to discuss becoming an Annual Donor.  Donate online at or call and we will process your donation. You may also mail your donation to our office at 24 Braeswood Square, Houston, TX  77096.

Wishing each of you a Shabbat shalom and a very happy, healthy, philanthropic new year,


 The time has come,

The time is NOW!

The RAFFLE’s about to end.

So, take your chance

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Win a trip (land package only) for any Hadassah Mission through 2019!

(Worth up to $4,200, based on double occupancy.)



For every $36 contribution to Hadassah,

your name will be entered into our drawing.

Please return this form with check or credit card information to:

Hadassah Greater Southwest Region

24 Braeswood Square, Houston, TX 77096

Questions? Call 713-661-1022

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ADDRESS: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________________________

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PLEASE CHARGE MY _________ VISA  ___________  M/C ___________ AMEX  _________ DISCOVER

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 Start Packing!






Hadassah missions offer unforgettable journeys through Israel whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced Israel traveler. Visit Israel soon: it’s fun, surprising, impressive, inspiring and spiritual. You will come home refreshed and renewed.

New! Reduced land package rates now available for 2019 missions. Go to for details and to book online.


Missions 2019

    March 17 – 27, 2019
    Explore, Rejoice & Experience Israel: Hadassah Purim Mission
    Led by Debbie Kessler & Sandy Sidorsky

    March 19 – 29, 2019
    Detroit Hadassah Mission to Israel
    Led by Annette Meskin

    March 26 – April 5, 2019
    Hadassah Youth Aliyah Mission: The People, The Youth & The Future
    Led by Carol Goodman Kaufman

    May 6 – 17, 2019
    Celebration Across the Nation: A Yom Ha’Atzmaut Mission
    Led by Aileen Bormel

    September 4 – 15, 2019
    Refresh & Recharge: Return to Israel with Hadassah
    Led by Aileen Bormel & Laurie Weitz

    October 30 – November 10, 2019
    Takin’ It Easy Hadassah Mission
    Led by Susan Lafer

  December 2 – 13, 2019
    The Land, The Heart & The Soul of Israel: Hadassah Interfaith Mission
    Led by Julie Morris

    December 25, 2019 – January 2, 2020                                                                                      

    Hadassah & Jewish National Fund Israel Family Tour: Celebrating Hannukah and Our

    B’nai Mitzvah in Israel

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Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower


Dead Sea