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Our Chapter, Shir Shalom, is multi-generational. We hold several meetings a month so there is a large choice of activities that may interest you. For those that want to expand their knowledge and learn, we offer monthly Sunday morning brunches or Wednesday evening dinners with a speaker presentation. In addition, cultural outings to museums or other venues in our area are organized by a member – usually culminating in a lunch. Many of our members prefer small gatherings usually at member’s homes. These are less formal and include social clubs (e.g. card games, crafts, book club). Our Hebrew-speaking members organize small discussions/presentations in a member’s home. Shir Shalom also sponsors events that embrace our Jewish traditions and history such as Israeli folk dancing, Hamenashen baking, and an annual Hanukah party. Our Chapter is proud of its Hadassah heritage and many members have participated for decades – but we are also proud of our outreach to new members and new residents of our community.

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