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Chai Group

The Chai group, part of the Great Neck Chapter of Hadassah, was started in 2014 and chartered in 2015. We are a young mom’s group with children ranging from infants to high school. Our calendar is filled with activities for everyone: including a family Chanukah bash, sukkot under the stars, girl’s night out, couple’s night, kids day in the park including a family tzedakah project, book club, kids day at Muddworks/Hadassah fundraiser, Passover recipe swap, and our annual garage sale fundraiser. What we all have in common is: 1) We care about the future of the Jewish people; 2) We want our children to know the joy of being Jewish; 3) We like spending time with like-minded women; 4) We want to learn and grow; 5) We want to be involved in something worthwhile; 6) We care about Israel; 7) We want to teach our children about Tikun Olam, repairing the world.


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Kochavim Group

The Kochavim Group, part of the Great Neck Chapter of Hadassah, is one of the most active and successful groups in the Nassau Region. It began over 20 years ago with a few women who had just moved to Great Neck from New York City. Through their collective desire to meet other like-minded women, make new friends and make a difference in the world, the Kochavim group has grown to a membership of nearly 400 strong in the Great Neck area. Our members have children of all ages and our activities and events take place both during the day and evenings to accommodate busy schedules. We have many amazing fundraising events throughout the year which support Hadassah's projects both in Israel and the U.S., such as our annual Fall Fashion Show and Dinner and summer couples event. Our book group discussions, education, women's health and other programs are offered free of charge or at a nominal cost to our members. There is truly something for everyone! Our annual Walkathon for Stem Cell Research has grown to include the entire Nassau Region of Hadassah, and Great Neck is so proud to be leading the way. Kochavim members are caring, committed and dedicated - - to our families, to Hadassah and to our local community. Hadassah promotes social action, advocacy and health awareness, while providing personal enrichment and growth to its members. Please join our Hadassah sisterhood - - we welcome you with open arms!



Lulav Group

The Lulav Group was established in 1998, two years after three Great Neck groups, Shalom, Erev and Career and Working Women had joined forces. Our name is derived from the three branches that make up the "Lulav" used during the holiday of Sukkot. Lulav's membership has grown to over 700 women ranging in ages from 45 to 70 plus. Trying to appeal to our member's diversified interests, we are always presenting new and exciting programs on innovative topics with dynamic guest speakers. While education and fundraising are key to Hadassah's mission, the social element is crucial too, and can be experienced at our Membership Gatherings, Cooking Classes, Game Nights, Summer Card and Game Luncheon and our Book Club. Lulav members can always count on coming together for our Annual Spring Dinner, Region Health Luncheon and informative Health Programs. We are proud to say that many of our Lulav members have gone on to positions on the Nassau Region and National Hadassah Executive Boards.


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