ALMOST CHOPPED! Hadassah’s Incredible Cooking Competition, The 2nd Helping


On Sunday, September 22, 2019 Hadassah Greater Atlanta is hosting ALMOST CHOPPED! HADASSAH’S INCREDIBLE COOKING COMPETITION, THE 2ND HELPING.
We're raising funds for the Hadassah Medical Organization which supports advanced medical research for ALS and other neurological disease

Teams of two Chef-testants* will compete in 2 rounds of cooking. The challenge is for our Chef-testants* to take the baskets filled with mystery ingredients, along with the tools provided, to create something that will wow our judges.

These Chef-testants*, along with their sous chefs, will be battling out for a win, but the real winners will be a brighter future for those suffering with neurological diseases.
Please access the team fundraising pages and SUPPORT the team or disease focus of your choice.

We are excited to welcome our four chef-testant* teams:

Team Samantha Lives Next Door (2018 Champions)
Fundraising for Parkinson's and other neurological diseases
Chef: Samantha Ellis, Sous Chef: Rebecca Carey
Runner: Eliana Leader
Hadassah Mentor: TBD

 The Knife Guys
Fundraising for ALS and other neurological diseases
Chef: Ken Braunstein, Sous Chef: Helen Braunstein
Runner: Emma Perlstein
Hadassah Mentor: Ruthanne Warnick

Team Haimish Old Dudes
Fundraising for Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases
Chef: Jody Pollack, Sous Chef: Alex Schulman
Runner: Eva Serotta
Hadassah Mentor: Debi Shendelman

Team Humble and Fierce
Fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological diseases
Chef: Jennifer Waller, Sous Chef: Sara McLeod
Runner: Sophia Schwartz
Hadassah Mentor: Sue Moye


 Our team of celebrity judges are from some of Atlanta’s most talked about restaurants:

Mimmo Alboumeh, Red Pepper Taqueria
Jesse Kaufman, Ten Bistro
Jenny Levison,
Souper Jenny
Suzanne Vizethann, Buttermilk Kitchen


MC: Tom Sullivan
Tom is an Emmy nominated On Camera Television Host and Corporate Events Emcee with Fortune 500 companies and Charities.  

Be a part of the future, as Hadassah Medical Organization leads the way, with the power of persistence! From Israel to the States, together we can make a difference.

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* Chef-testant - (n) non-professional chef to cook and compete in HADASSAH’S INCREDIBLE COOKING COMPETITION

Tickets are $36/pp and can be purchased here!

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