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Welcome to Hadassah Rhode Island's website. We are continually making adjustments in our scheduling as we adjust to the demands of our world and ensure everyone's health and safety. For now we are canceling any events indefinitely. Please check the Announcements below, especially for The Book Club. IF THERE ARE FUTURE CHANGES THEY WILL BE NOTED HERE AND ON FACEBOOK.

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Photo Albums
Hadassah RI

Our Photos capture the many engaging, fun, and instructive events of Hadassah Rhode Island!

View our newest Books on the Beach 2019 album:  Updated August 2019

View photos from Books on the Beach 2018

View Photos from Books on the Beach 2015 - 2017

View photos from our annual “Cause for Applause”  Updated June 2019
a fundraiser for Brain Cancer Research at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem

View photos from our November 2019 Chai Luncheon

View photos from past Chai Luncheons  

View photos from The Region’s "Unsung Heroes" Event (2019)– Karen Asher from Rhode Island was one of the honorees

View Photos from a Tu B’Shevat Seder

View an array of photos from past events  Updated February 2020

Book Club News
Marilyn at Book Club Meeting

Our Book Club has usually met on the firt Monday of the month. Everyone is welcome to participate in book discussions. Each month's selection is also listed under the Events section below.

A planning meeting to select the books for 2020 was held on January 6, 2020.

The book originally schcedled for April, "Love and Other Consolation Prizes", was discussed online in May.
The next book, "The Art of Leaving," by Ayelet Tsazari, will be dicussed on June 29.
It is anticipated that the books will be dicussed in the original order with dates to be determined each month.

Updates witll be made here and on Facebook.
Invitations with details will be emailed.

If you are interested in joining these online discussions, please email busybeaderkagan@aol.com

Since we are all at home, you might be interested in these books, even if you are not able to usually attend the book club meetings.

The 2020 Schedule for Books and Authors Can Be Downloaded Here


An Indefinite Postponement for Cause for Applause 2020
A Cause for Applause

Hadassah Rhode Island is postponing this year's Cause for Applause, in cnsideration for everyone's health and safety.

Chceck back on this website and FaceBook for updates.
Cause for Applause has been an importatnt event and fundraiser for Hadassah RHode Island. It honors the memory of Dr. Marry Drench and has helped provide funds for brain research all while providing a fun day for us to get together.
Please read below for information about Merry and the fundraiser purpose.

Merry Drench was an author and a popular lecturer in Physical Therapy and Behavioral Sciences. She was known for her sharp wit and great sense of humor and brought these same gifts to her decades of service and devotion to Hadassah.  She was a Past President of the Western New England Region and of Hadassah Rhode Island.

Merry lost her battle with brain cancer in May 2013. Her love of musical theater makes this fundraiser a perfect way to “applaud” Merry for the wonderful person that she was.

Cause for Applause is a fundraiser for the Leslie and Michael Gaffin Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, which diagnoses and treats patients suffering from brain tumors. It is a referral center for cancer patients from all over the world.

The laboratory strives for excellence, reliability, and compassion while treating cancer patients. It provides the best and most innovative methods available while addressing the special emotional needs of each and every patient. Alongside the administration of standard cancer treatment, the physicians include their patients in international clinical trials and develop experimental and cutting-edge cancer treatment approaches. Their findings and your donations may change the treatment of brain tumors and bring new hope to patients.

Virtual Summer of 2020 Fundraising Bash
Drinks for Virtual Summer Bash

Join Us For Our Virtual Summer Bash !

Hadassah Hospital needs your support right now!

“You can talk about infrastructure.  You can talk about science.  But in the end, what makes a medical institution or a country work is its people,” Hadassah’s Medical Intensive Care Unit, Director, Professor Sigal Sviri.  Director Sviri applauds the support of Hadassah members in the US and around the rest of the world.  “We feel you are with us, helping to save lives.  It makes a big difference.”

As a member and supporter of Hadassah Rhode Island,


Please sit back and enjoy a drink of your choice in support of Hadassah’s Virtual Summer Bash - Drinks and Donation Levels are on the Donor Form attached.

 Each dollar that you donate to Hadassah will now go twice as far in helping Hadassah Medical Organization to meet the cost of crisis care for patients with Covid-19 at Ein Kerem.          

As a beacon of healing for the world, Hadassah needs your support right now!


From our President

Maxine Bornstein

Dear Friends,
This is a mini update so that I can share with you what Hadassah has passed along to me, what changes we have had to decide upon, and also a few new ideas that we are hoping to implement. Your feedback is always vital to keep our Hadassah RI strong and I welcome your input always. At first I wanted to send a little memo to just our Board, but then realized that many of you have been actively pitching in these past few months helping to plan our beloved, “Cause for Applause,” and other activities, in one way or another. Thank you all very much.
First, I hope that you are all well and are following the recommended guidelines that we have heard about from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),
the Rhode Island Department of Public Health (RIDPH) and the Governor. We will get through this - just need to keep as healthy as we can and keep our spirits up!  With that in mind, Hadassah National is encouraging everyone to reach out to those who are alone, those who are most vulnerable and in need and the elders. Friends checking on friends and families checking on families and passing it on. A phone call can go a long way.
The Rhode Island Department of Public Health also supports these endeavors of reaching out supporting neighbors and friends, and so I have also connected with Elissa Felder, the **CoreConnects RI, Founder and Director. If you remember, Elissa and her team organized the “Pink Challah Bake,” at Temple Emanu-El in Providence this past fall that many of us attended. CoreConnectsRI’s mission states they are, “Connecting women, Strengthening communities”, and are a good match up for us to help us reach out to provide help for others. I spoke with Elissa and she was delighted to work with us as she has a large team of Jewish women who can help out with errands, as well as support in other ways.
I have put together some contact info for you to use as a resource if you choose to help out with this effort.
Rhode Island Dept of Public Health------------------------------------------------------------    401-222-5960
Behavioral Health Link (BH LINK) - for Emotional/ Mental support for ADULTS------ 401-414-5465  
Behavioral/Emotional Kids Health Link - for those under 18 years old----------------- 1-855-543-5465
**CoreConnectsRI- www.coreconnectsri.com     coreconnectsri@gmail.com——— 401-241-9631
Care.com- offers childcare for hospital workers and first responders
Hadassah Chaverim- A network to help connect you (to call or be called) with other Northeast Hadassah members online now or contact
Hadassah Northeast----------hne@hadassah.org —If you have difficulty connecting, please call Maxine and I will assist you.
Let’s get some more ideas on the table (we have a few great ideas from our virtual board meeting to work on already) because as this challenging time passes, we will all be itching to move around, see each other and do amazing activities as Hadassah women to support our communities, our country, our Hadassah goals, and our Israel initiatives.
Love and blessings, Chag Sameach

Maxine Bornstein

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June 2020 Book Club

June 29, 2020


This will be our second online discussion. The book being discussed is "The Art of Leaving", by Ayelet Tsazari. This is an intimate memoir in essays by an award-winng Israeli writer who travels the world, from New York to India.




The Rhode Island chapter sponsors an Evening Book Club, which meets throughout the year, at Books on the Square at 7:00 PM, usually on the first Monday of each month. Books are selected at the January meeting. See separate events for each month's selection. Books on the Square offers a discount of 10% for Book Club members.




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