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Alive in Our Hearts Rememberance
tree of life

So many of our deceased spouses, partners, and friends are gone but not forgotten by our community.

Anyone who would like to memorialize their loved ones during the month of their passing can do so using this form:  Please Click Here for Flyer.

Cost is $4 per person remembered.  You may submit for the entire year by attaching an additional sheet with all names.

Questions contact Diane Altman 609-860-1193.

From our President

2019 Presidents

A Message from Your Alisa Chapter Presidents

Quote: When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh!  STAY STRONG..


We are living in very trying times now.  It seems like the world is off its axis.

  • We can wear a mask to deposit money in our bank accounts.
  • Parents are trading places with teachers.
  • Many of us haven’t had our nails polished or hair cut or dyed in several months.
  • We are longing to hug our children or grandchildren.
  • We are now turning to Zoom to run our Hadassah meetings and greet our Hadassah sisters.


But we promise you, let us all take a deep breath and we will conquer the Covid Beast.


Now that we have time to reflect, I have challenged people to pick up the phone and reach out to each other.  If you wake up in the morning and feel sad or frustrated as I sometimes do, make a commitment to call some of your Hadassah sisters.  We are all family and it will help you feel better.  In the coming weeks, we will be offering many programs to you over Zoom.  Check your e-blasts to see details.  ADVERSITY IS ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY CREATIVITY.



  • Rita Swirsky and Marilyn Gerstein for sending out the Regional Raffles.
  • Eileen Carpenter and Carol Levine for their IT support with e-blasts and Zoom.
  • Marilyn Taffet and her girls (Karen Mandel, Paula Siegel and Barbara Fachler) for keeping in touch with her “Lunch Bunch” followers in these times.
  • Joanne Ferstan, Carol Levine and Esther Swier for getting us ready for our new “Financial Challenges.”


To all our Board members who are being flexible and adjusting to these new challenges in bringing you new ways to carry on our wonderful Hadassah traditions of being the Women Who Do.


                                                                                    Gail Reifenberg, Co-President with Tiby Lapkin

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