Hadassah Knoxville offers many opportunities which reflect the many interests and talents of our diverse community. We welcome new members, old members and current members who would like to participate, innovate, create or simply offer ideas to broaden and enliven our Hadassah experience. If you would like to learn about what we do, become more involved or attend an event, we welcome you to contact us. We'd love to hear from you and love to have you join our sisterhood of creative, fun-loving, hard-working Hadassah sisters.

47 Perimeter Ctr. E., Suite 210
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
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c/o Hadassah Hub-Super South

47 Perimeter Ctr. E., Suite 210

Atlanta, Georgia 30346


Calendar of Events 2016

January 23 @ 6pm - Havdallah hangout

February (date TBD) - (Mitzvah Day) Social Action

March 18/19 - Hadassah Shabbat

April 10 @ 2pm – Social Action Program with Speaker

May 19 @ 6:30pm – Closing Program – TBD

July 25-28 – Hadassah National Convention in Atlanta

From our President

Laura Floyd

A little about me. I am a second generation Hadassah life member. I joined Hadassah in 1999. I have served under the Membership VP, edited the Hadassah Highlights bulletin, sold ads for the Directory and was treasurer for several years before becoming your president for 2016-2107. 


A little about Hadassah Knoxville. Hadassah – The Power of Women Who DO, The Power of Women Who Heal, The Power of Women for Israel.  All of these new national tag lines for Hadassah embody what Hadassah is and what it does.  This holds true for Hadassah Knoxville as well.  As chapter president, I think about what we, Hadassah Knoxville, do as a group. We raise money, we have informative meetings, we have fun gatherings, all the while learning how to make the world a better place at home and how Hadassah does that in Israel every day through its hospitals, medical research and Youth Aliyah villages.  I hope you will join us and find your passion for Hadassah.  I have another tag line especially fitting for Hadassah Knoxville – The Power of Women Who Care.

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  • Past President

    Laura Floyd

  • Treasurer

    Jenny Pfeffer-Rodriguez

  • Chai Society Chair

    Jill Weinstein

  • Recording Secretary

    Harriet Cooper


    Betty Golub

  • Records Administrator

    Barbara Mintz

  • President, Knoxville

    Andrea Cone

  • Corresponding Secretary

    Mary Merrell

  • Education/Public Policy VP/Coordinator

    Revital Ganzi

  • Programming VP / Coordinator

    Jean Begue

  • Programming VP / Coordinator

    Shuli Mesa

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(800) 928-0685

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(800) 664-5646

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(800) 237-1517

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40 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005


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